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  1. I have been using this product for about eight months and have lost 42 pounds so far. I love the chocolate flavor and add frozen berries or cherries and mix it in a blender. Very yummy and filling! Would highly reccomend this product.

      1. Losing a pound a week for 8 months is a REALLY big deal. As anyone who has a lot of weight to lose knows – it’s easy to lose a pound or 2 for 3-4 weeks. It’s the long term weight loss that’s the challenge. Grats to you.

        1. I drink ideal shake twice a day, breakfast and supper. For lunch I eat eggs, tilpia, salmon w/ fruits and veggies. I have lost 34lbs in 2 months!!!

        1. Yes, 42 pounds is fabulous! And 8 months going is an impressive attention span and perseverance. Also, depending on one’s age, losing slowly is VERY important. These days, at age 56, my skin doesn’t shrink back at the same rate I lose fat. Slow is what I need and 1.3 pounds a week sounds like my new plan.

          Thank you, Ladies, for your information, opinions, and doing the math. I look forward to using this product based on these reviews.

          1. Hi Cherie,

            Most weight loss products are good for any age. It is advised to check with a physician before starting any weight loss or exercise program.

      2. Debbie downer! A pound a week lost is a pound less than last week. Right on. If you found something you can live with, keep up the good work and don’t listen to the saboteurs.

      3. And without it she wouldn’t have lost it. Also a pound a week is a healthy way. Those looking for something faster are usually the ones who gain it all back becasue they only want a quick fix.

    1. Just had my first shake today. I bought the chocolate flavor. Added frozen strawberries and 12 ounces water! Tasted so good! Going to go take a nice walk and enjoy my day!

    2. How many shakes should you drink everyday is this used as a meal replacement and is it low in cholesterol?

      1. Every meal replacement shake program recommends a different number of servings. We would recommend that you drink no more than three shakes a day. The IdealShake and many other shakes are low in cholesterol.

    3. Way to go Kate! Keep up the great work. I don’t know you, but darn proud of you. It takes will power, discipline and dedication to loss weight. I’m right there with you. 1-2 pounds a week is what my doctor said was perfect for permanent weight loss. Good luck!!!

    4. Hi, Congratulations! I just got mine today. What do you mix it with – water? I like the idea of frozen fruit. Thanks,

    5. Idealshape shakes have been reformulated and Don’t Taste Good anymore. I used to love them and lost 20 lbs. with the help of the old idealshakes, BUT they “improved” them and now t’hey taste chalky and bland! Couldn’t force one down. I can’t explain how completely disappointed I am.

      1. Good morning Heidi,
        If you would like to sale your shake mix I would be interested. I’m a first timer as well looking for all the help I can get.

      2. I agree Heidi, I absolutely hate them since they changed them. They taste awful grainy. I can hardly choke them down either. I wish they would change them back to the old formula. I guess I am going to have to find another shake.

  2. First day on this shake and I have to say, WOW !!. I quit smoking 5 months ago and noticed that I was constantly feeling like I was starving but not today. Very satisfying feeling after a shake and glass of water, no feeling of hunger. With continued exercise and proper diet my goal is to loss 15lbs.

    1. They recommend that you drink one to two shakes a day. We always recommend that people do some form of circuit training with resistance and interval training for cardio.

    1. The simple answer is No it isn’t bad, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Meal replacement shakes are great at providing balanced nutrition, but your body will also benefit from eating fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. We would recommend at least one meal a day that includes these things and adding fruits and vegetables to your shakes when convenient.

      1. I was on a medical weight loss program that involved drinking shakes and eating protein bars. I personally am not a medical/nutrition specialist but I can pass on what they said to us. If you eat 6 small meals a day, no more than 3 of those meals should be the shakes (or bars) UNLESS you are being monitored by a medical team. Monitoring includes EKG, blood tests and weekly blood pressure readings. So be careful if you are thinking of cutting out all other food but these shakes. In the long term, you could be hurting yourself.

        1. What if your trying to lose like 80 lbs. can you replace meals with these shakes? I also am a Over The Road truck driver and need quick meals that are nutritional. Dont want the fast food at all these truck stops. All they have is fattening foods and I would love to eat salads all summer long but that gets boring…

          1. All of the shakes we have reviewed on this site can be used to replace a meal or be used snacks throughout the day. If you are replacing truck stop foods with a shake you should be very successful losing weight.

  3. Should i take the pills at the same time I am drinking the shake, or should I wait for awhile after i drink the shake?

    1. We aren’t sure. It would probably be a great question to ask their customer service. Let us know what they say.

  4. I’ve been reading up on this shake and haven’t heard anything bad about it. I was going to buy shakeology, but it is sooooo expensive. The code to receive the $5 off is MRSR!!!

    1. I just had my first Shakeology shake this morning…which is why I’m looking for something else. The taste was NOT something I want to drink for an extended period of time (like this week). I’ve seen Ideal Shake at the top of several review lists so I’m hopeful (and the reviews say Ideal Shake tastes good).

      1. is Ideal shake still a good shake? I have done Shakeology…and while they now have more flavors….(and perhaps increased the taste)…I find myself a bit bored with their exercise program (even if it is only 30 min a day one day of 60).

        1. IdealShake is a great shake if you are trying to lose weight or just improve your overall nutrition. The most important part of the shake and why it is very effective in regards to weight loss is its proven hunger blocker.

          1. I attented one of the shakeology meeting, and purchased 14 single packs of chocolate, for 4.00 dollars each. I did lose 5 pounds, but that was only fluid, of course I did not do the exercises. I don’t think it is worth the price.

    1. I use a small individual size blender. I fill slightly over half way with Silk Almond Milk, add the powder and then finish with crushed ice. Once it is blended well, it is the consistency of a milk shake. Sometimes I add fruits but basically I love the chocolate shake.

    2. They provide a blender bottle, but I think it tastes better if you are able to actually use a blender/personal drink mixer and add in some ice.

    1. It might not taste that great or be too healthy. Let us know how it tastes if you try it, now we’re kind of curious.

      1. As opposed to?

        If someone is going to drink a Coke and they choose a diet soda instead then we would say they made the right choice. It’s true that soda isn’t always the best, but we all need our vices.

        1. Diet pop contains artificial sweetners which are neurotoxins. Not really better than HFCS. But yes, we all do something “bad.”

          1. “Nuerotoxins” is hyperbole to the extreme.

            Artificial Sweeteners are fine in moderation, just like everything else you can eat. The problem is High Fructose Corn Syrup is not being moderated and is overwhelming most peoples’ diets.

        2. Aspartame isnt a concern? If you are going to do a soda you should go with one that is all natural and uses sugar rather than one with High Fructose Corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, would you not agree?

          1. Cane Sugar vs Aspartame.

            Sugar might be better at a 1:1 ratio, however that’s not how it works here in America. Currently the average person probably eats sugar cane at 100:1 ratio of Sugar vs Artificial Sweeteners.

            Despite all of the hand-wringing, aspartame and other fake sugars are not poisons.

          2. Anything natural is better for your body than synthetic, and that includes ARTIFICIAL sweeteners. I stopped all the aspartame etc, and replaced with stevia. I try not to ingest chemicals, preservatives or artificial ingredients as much as possible and avoid high fructose corn syrup as well. Difficult task given most items on supermarket shelves contain this poison.

          1. I read recently that HFCS has a devastating effect of drastically elevating blood pressure. For someone like me who loves coca cola and drinks it all day long…this wasnt good news. I have switched back and forth between coke and diet coke…but diet sodas taste too chemically. I am morbidly obese with high blood pressure…i am now going to start a weight loss program using a meal replacement shake for 2 meals each day. And i have decided to cold turkey the whole soda/diet soda thing…wont be buying either! Will be drinking water mostly…with a diet snapple treat here and there.

          2. We are all aware that soda is bad for us, whether it is diet or not. Some of us have super demanding schedules that causes us to need or want caffeine but not get it from coffee, tea or chocolate. Water does not provide that, quit being a know it all bully and let us make our own decisions on what we chose to drink as long as it does not effect your safety or well being.

          3. I quit using granulated white sugar since I am diabetic and taking Metformin. I now use raw sugar and Truvia. Splenda is bad; aspartame worse. Truvia is good for baking. Raw sugar mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves is great on toast and cereal. I use it to flavor smoothies made with yogurt and frozen fruit. If you use the frozen fruit there is no need for adding ice cubes which dilute the smoothie. The spices are good for cholesterol and taste good. I sometimes sprinkle it on a raw apple or peach, or any other fruit.

          4. Agree! There are flavored seltzers or just plain water with a twist of lemon, lime or other fruit like oranges! Tastes great, no chemicals or sweeteners!

            SODA IS POISON..due in part to the high sugar content…..especially COLA! On the very rare occasion I drink a soda, it’s usually ginger ale. I used to drink cola and had major stomach issues…if it can clean corrosion from a car battery..probably not good for us!

            One other helpful hint….I found that apple cider vinegar is great for upset stomach, heartburn, gas and other digestive issues…NON serious issues of course. You can drink mixed with water, or purchase it in tablet form….Better than any OTC remedy like Tums…

    2. I wouldn’t drink diet soda at all…because it will sabotage your diet efforts and that is the least of the problems with drinking any kind of diet drink. Do some research on diet soda and see what the health pros are all saying, including me! Mix it with almond milk for a great treat, only 30 cals per serving. I like unsweeteded by blue diamond, available just about anywhere.

    1. Yes, you can mix it with whatever you enjoy. Water means that you’re not getting any increases in calories, but some people don’t like the consistency with water. Milk/fruits/PB2 and other mixins are fine, as long as you’re aware of the calories you’re adding.

    2. Use almond milk. Unsweetened vanilla is low in calories and tastes great! For added protein, use either powdered protein or egg whites (pure egg whites in a carton is good :) )

      1. YES! I love to use almond milk. The light is 60 cals a glass, and the vanilla is 90. I’ve heard all the angles (hormones, antibiotics, lactate) and what ever may or may not be the truth, I FEEL better when I avoid dairy all together.
        Yea! Almond Milk!

      2. Yes, I have also been drinking my shake with unsweetened almond milk adding 1 tbs of ground flax seed to it. It is healthy and tastes great!

    3. I use powdered milk and keep small snack baggies with a scoop of shake powder and a couple of tablespoons of dry milk in my purse or car to have on the road when I need it. I can get ice water at a c-store or just use the water I carry with me all the time. At home, I use a blender and the dry milk plus water and ice. I live alone and don’t drink much milk of any kind (almond, soy, rice, dairy) so the dry milk is my solution.

  5. It would be great if theses companies would just provide their items to the stores so people can purchase them. Instead of needing to purchase on line, not everyone is comfortable ordering off line.

    1. While convenience of having a local store is awesome, we’re actually pretty happy with online companies because it creates more competition. You see, a company that is just starting out and has a great idea for a shake formulation would have to get the capitol and support to stock stores across the nation. Instead a smaller company can start off slow and build to a national level. More business means more competition and that means higher quality end products.

  6. I just ordered IdealShape. I decided on the 90 day supply because it came with the supplements and was the most bang for your buck. The shake containers say 30 day supply but aren’t they really 30 SHAKE supply. So if I drink 2 shakes a day the container will only last 15 days?
    Within 1/2 hour of placing my order I received an email that my order has shipped! Can’t wait to get started!

    1. Most of these shakes recommend replacing a single meal each day, I believe IdealShape is no different. They do have an accelerated weight loss that says 2 per day, so if you’re doing that then yes, the tub won’t last 30 days. That’s why we find the cost per shake rather than the cost per day or anything else.

      1. Just as an FYI for those who are thinking of ordering Shakeology, which I love by the way but want to try something else due to the cost, it’s actually only a 28 day supply.

    2. Hey Christine,

      Just wondering how your IdealShape program was going. Can you post angain and update all of us?


    1. I’m on my second 30-day supply of IdealShape and have NEVER had any issues with jitters. I love IdealShape and will continue using it.

    1. The type of milk you use provides the texture to the shake. If you like the consistency of soy milk then it shouldn’t be altered too much by the shake.

  7. There are sooooo many variables between what each of you did that I don’t know if this is exactly scientific. Did your friends exercise more? Did none of you exercise? What did you eat as your other meals, what did they eat?

    The point is that all of you lost weight and that is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  8. Is anyone doing the shakes with just diet and exercise? I’m not too hip on the hyponsis aspect of the plan. I have been doing very well at controlling and eliminating soda and junk food from my diet. It’s the exercise part that’s harder for me. A friend gave me samples of Shakeology which I love , but I don’t love the price.

    1. I am doing the shakes with the Insanity workout and I will say that the shakes are great before or after my workout! They taste great and it doesn’t make me feel nauseous or too full, but allows me to not eat everything in sight to replace the calories I lost during the super intense workout. I do need a little extra calorie boost though, like a fruit or veggie in between shakes.

    2. Walking is the best exercise in the world! Several years ago…i was doing weight watchers and curves. While i was doing good losing the weight…when i started walking the weight literally FELL off me!! Because i was so overweight at the beginning…i could only walk for about 15 minutes and was really out of breath. I stuck with it though…increasing 15 minutes a day every week or two…until i was walking 5 miles a day 5 or 6 days a week. Lost 90 pounds! Getting outside…fresh air and sunshine is a big health benefit and mood booster too!

      1. Debra,

        Thanks for sharing that, I need to lose around that weight too, and will def. take your advice. Did you try this shake also? How long it took you to lose those 90lbs?

      2. I love that ALMOST everyone’s comments are positive n encouraging because we all need upbuilding esp when trying to shed pounds! I heard recently on TV about weight loss on 2%, almond, coconut, and soy milks. The results for most weight lost was on the soy milk so that’s what I’m going to use for my shakes. I have lost over 20 lbs. by not eating 4 hrs before bed, no (white) carbs, no sugar (splenda in coffee). Now I’m stuck, haven’t lost in couple of months…hense, Ideal Shakes.

    1. i wouldnt see why it would be. i used to take Jack3d and loved it. the only thing that would interfere with this is if you drank it before you were going to workout as the Jack3d would not have the same effect.

    2. Jack3d is banned by the FDA because it can cause heart palpitations and arrhythmias so you should stop taking it.

      1. It looks like DMAA is under investigation by the FDA and the supplement companies like Jack3d are being asked not sell products containing it.

  9. I tried this shake (chocolate) for the first time today. I have to say I was skeptical. I’ve had Shakeology before but honestly don’t really like the taste, think its crazy expensive, and don’t like the heavy hitting sales from Beachbody. Also, I just roll my eyes when people post things about Shakeology about how they aren’t hungry, etc. because I never once didn’t feel like having lunch after having Shakeology for breakfast. So, this morning…one scoop with Vanilla almond milk and half a frozen banana. The taste was good, as far as these shakes go. I don’t think I’d like it just mixed with water. But, seriously, it curbed my hunger big time. I did have to force myself to eat lunch. Also, and I don’t know why this is, but I feel like I have a lot more energy today than usual. Not jittery. I’m just not my normal zombie-walking tired all the time. So, my review is “so far, really good”. I’m glad I found this shake. I did like some of the extra ingredients in Shakeology but, seriously, for that much a bag?? It’s just crazy expensive. I don’t care how you spin it, it costs too much.

    1. I’m allergic to milk, soy, and almond milk is out too because I’m allergic to all nuts. Any suggestions of what else I could use, if you don’t think water mixed with it would be tasty?

          1. Ummmm coconut is a nut. I am allergic to nuts and cannot have any nuts or seeds…including coconut.

      1. I do the chocolate flavor with really cold water. To me it taste like the swiss company hot chocolate mix. The vanilla I blend with water a little bit of orange juice. The vanilla one I like to mix frozen fruit so its more like a smoothie

        1. Hi, been on it 7 weeks. Lost 15 pounds the first month but nothing since. What am I doning wrong. I have it for 2 meals with a couple of healthy snacks inbetween and a good dinner. I also find it very gassey. Is that normal too? I do like it alot and not hungry at all. Am I not eating enough? I know I should be happy with the weight loss, but need to see the scale moving!!

          1. Drinking more water should help if you’re feeling bloated after any meal replacement shake. Also, are you incorporating healthy exercise into your diet? Exercise-especially lifting weights (you won’t bulk up, you’ll create healthy lean muscle that burns more fat) is going to get you through a plateau.

      2. After a week on IdealShake, I am loving it. I’ve enjoyed it with water and also replaced the water with a cup of iced coffee…delicious! I will probably add other ingredients (fruit or berries) in future, but now I am keeping my calories low in order to lose a few pounds more rapidly

      3. Amy have you tried Rice Milk? The brand Rice Dream is pretty good but there are lots of others too.. As long as u count in calories u can use watered down juices 1:1 is what I do when I want something different :)

    2. I’m actually super surprised that no one has suggested this, but have you tried rice milk? They have it at Kroger, not too hard to find.

  10. Can you do this while breast feeding? Thanks! Also how does this compare to slim fast…that program has a lot of sugar in it right?

  11. Should you expected to gain weight at 1st? To the restroom more? What if I mix just with some water and fat free yogurt?

    1. There shouldn’t be any reason that you would gain weight at first if you are decreasing the number of calories you are eating with the shake. There is fiber in the shake, so you might become more regular. You should be fine mixing it with water and fat free yogurt. We would recommend that you just don’t add too many calories to the shake.

    1. We recommend you talk to your doctor but we haven’t come across anything in our research that would prevent you from taking using this shake while breast feeding. We haven’t found anything in their information that specifics that their product is gluten free, but that might be a question you would want to ask their customer service.

      1. Regarding the nursing questions, I might have a little insight. I
        needed to try to lose weight while nursing to help another
        medical condition. Since I am obese (not just trying to lose 20 lbs
        of baby fat), my OB and pediatrician were okay with this. Their
        only instruction was not to limit my caloric intake too much.

        Lactating burns approximately 500 calories per day. So my OB
        told me to add that to my daily calorie goal. Obviously, you don’t
        want a lot of unnecessary chemicals and ingredients while nursing.
        But this shake doesn’t appear to have those. So you should be good.
        But take the ingredient list to your OB.

        Chances are, changing your eating and using the shakes are better
        nutrition that what you would be eating instead, for you and the baby.

    1. We didn’t experience any bloating or gas using this product but it does provide a healthy serving of fiber. There is Whey Protein in the product that is a byproduct of cheese production.

      1. I was also wondering about bloating and gas. I have been using ViSalis for about six weeks and the bloat and gas has been awful. That is why I am looking for a different shake. Are there sugar alcohols in this?

  12. I like the IdealShape information on nutrition. I am diabetic and I am searching for the best shake I can find. I live in a Veterans Center. My doctor has recommended I go on a liquid diet for 6 months – no solid food with medical monitoring; blood tests periodically, blood sugar checks several times a day.

    We are on our last case of Glucerna. It has 5.7 grams of sugar and 220 calories. Idealshape has 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar. Is that right?

    Can it be a safe nutritional shake for me to take with 4 shakes a day. Each meal time and 1 at bed time. Please contact me as soon as you can so I can see if idealshape is for me. thank you, JamesGonzales.

    1. IdealShape just updated their formula and it now has 110 calories and only 1 gram of sugar. If your doctor has asked you to go on a liquid diet you need to know how many calories a day you need to intake. IdealShape is a great shake and well balanced for weight loss. It would work for what your doctor has asked you to do. Will you be blending additional nutrition into the shake i.e. fruits and vegetables?

    2. Just out of curiosity, why did your doctor recommend an all liquid diet? Was it for weight loss or another reason? Did he give you a calorie limit?

      How are you doing with your diet and did you choose to use IdealShape shakes?

    1. The all-natural appetite suppressant in IdealShape is one of our favorite parts of the shake. Visalus has a higher price point if you are going to add in their appetite suppressant. Otherwise we like the taste better of IdealShape. You can read both reviews of the products on our site.

  13. Didn’t send a scooper! How much do I take??? Just got my shipment (3) tubs with blender bottle, ready to start, …and NO scooper. I’m so very irritated and disappointed. Could one of you helpful folks who have started give me an guideline of how much powder to use 3 Tbsp? 1/4 c? I don’t have a clue. Please help. Thanks. I’m going to keep checking back here to see if anyone has responded. You all have a great weekend and happy Fathers Day!

    1. Scooper is there, probably at the VERY bottom of the container like mine was!!! Had to pour the powder into another container to find it:(

  14. Will the shake spoil if I leave it in the car the whole day? Plan on using water instead of milk of course…

  15. Hello, this product seems like it just might be the answer to my weightloss goals…. But Im worried that it only has 110 calories.. since you replacing a whole meal shouldent the calorie intake be around 200-400… I would think that its really starving you… But its being hidden behind the appitite suppressant…. I really appreciate the feed back im excited on this new journey to get healthy… Thanks:-)

    1. Uh, I don’t want to sound like I’m arguing semantics, but it would depend on your definition of “big”.

      Water, has no added calories, sodium, fats, vitamins or minerals…it’s water. Whereas skim milk has all of these things. So if you look at a nutrition label of skim milk, everything in that, is not something you’re going to find in water.

    2. skim milk has a lot of sugar in it. your best bet is unsweetened almond milk at only 30 cals compared to skims 80 cals per cup…plus no added sugar

  16. Is this shake “smooth”? I have tasted too many shakes that are gritty or taste like chalk. I am a texture person buying those are a waste of money because I can’t even finish the 1st shake let along the entire supply. I need something that tastes good and chalky or gritty.

    1. Sometimes replacement shakes need time to dissolve properly, so try making them up and letting them sit in the fridge for an hour or two. The grittyness should diminish as it sits. They also tend to thicken if they sit for a while. Then you can blend them with whatever you want to add.

  17. I am looking at the Brenda Watson Fiber 35 Shakes and the Idealshape Shake. What is the difference between the two and which one is better for weight loss? I have 30 lbs I would like to loose and I don’t want something that causes me to be jittery and these two shakes look like possibilities. So, your response will help a great deal!


    1. I hadn’t heard of the Brenda Watson Fiber 35 Shakes, and so I can only recommend rather than compare. We will look at reviewing them soon.

  18. I have been using it for some time now. I started it for the most part- because I was getting sick and tired of cooking 3 meals a day. Wanted soemthing simple to take to work. I have lost 22 pounds. I use the drink once a day and my other two meals are a lean protein and vegetables. I eat a couple fruits a day. I like to add cinnamon to my shake and frozen berries. I use almond mild to mix it with. I like the taste just fine, but I would never say that I am totally satisfied after drinking it. I can live with it, but I never feel like I really had enough. Just have to get used to it, I guess. But I would recomend it, and I will order it again.

  19. I’ve been very happy with the Ideal Shape shakes. I have mine with soy drink or almond drink and berries in the morning and then another meal at noon with skim milk. I have a lean protein and veg meal in the late afternoon and a couple of healthy snacks during the day if needed. I do follow their program with the brain changing work sheets and hypnosis and I am beginning to follow the recommended exercise program.

  20. How does Ideal stack up against Medifast? I’m finishing a year of Medifast and need to still supplement a shake or 2 a day to keep getting good vitamins/minerals. I like Medifast but it’s costly. The nutritional information looks good but has anyone done Medifast and changed to Ideal shakes? Thanks

      1. Hello im looking to lose 20lbs and i was just curious if you can just drink the shake or do you have to take the pills with it for it to work?

  21. I am a breast feeding mom. I just started p90x. I am making great progress. I watched some videos and most of the success stories included a hunger suppressant. Would this shake affect my child in any way. I do see that here are a lot of vitamins and minerals but would the hunger suppressant go through my milk.

  22. I just want to add this tidbit:


    I was using the blender bottle for a while, until I left it at home. So, I borrowed my coworkers little Hamilton Beach single serve blender (at walmart and target for $15)…and it was a night and day difference. For one, the volume of the shake increased…it just make a whole lot more. Secondly, I was able to add ice, and then eventually I started adding half a banana. Let me tell you, it made a huge difference. I felt much fuller and satisfied, and it just tasted even that much better.

  23. Does this product contain any ANY caffeine or stimulants? I need a shake that does not!!! I have irregular heartbeat and caffeine makes it go crazy! Every shake product that I look into I find Caffeine in it even after calling the company to see. They always say no caffeine, but when i research further its always in there!!! :( Please help!!!!!!! I need proof!!!!!

  24. I just wanted to ask if anyone knows of a good alternative to the Ideal Shape shake. I purchase the product a little while back, and really loved the taste but now I have found out I have a sensitivity to gluten.

  25. Okay, if I buy (1) tub, and have (2) shakes per day, how long will 1 tub last in the month? And I figure it is 1 scoop per shake, correct?

  26. I was wondering- at one point in the review you stated it had gluten, but in another reply, you stated the product is gluten free- So, does the product have gluten or not? And, how much soy does this product contain? I thought there has been concern with soy and estrogen sensitive cancers- Visalus claims to have processed it so as to eliminate harmful side effects from soy- What do you think about that claim, and about people with a family history of cancer using products with soy?

    1. We will have to update the review as we spoke with a company rep about the confusion and were told that they updated the formula to remove all gluten.

  27. I just called to order idealShape and asked them if their shakes were gluten-free and they told me they were; I asked twice! but I see after I ordered and read reviews on this site that while they don’t contain glutne they are made at plants that have gluten, soy, etc. Are they or are they not gluten free?

  28. I have been using the shakes for the past week or so.( I wish I would have written down the date, but approximately 10 days). The day I got them, I was out of milk, so I went ahead and made it with water, PB2, and a little crushed ice in a blender. I really thought I wouldn’t like it, but boy, was I surprised! I really love these shakes! I love peanut butter, so I always add PB2 to my chocolate shake, so I can’t tell you what I think of just the plain chocolate. I also got vanilla and add it to juice, and sometimes add a banana. Today I mixed the vanilla with Welches Light Grape Juice, and yum, that was awesome and different! I have lost 3 lbs, but I have been exercising almost every day, too. I have always been skeptical of diet shakes, but I am so happy I gave these a shot! I agree with the person who recommended using a blender when you can, because you can add crushed ice and other things to thicken it up. Good luck, everyone!

    1. That completely depends on you natural levels of activity. I would always recommend working out to lose weight as opposed to just going for some sort of magic pill type solution. These shakes aren’t magic, but they are a nice tool to help you with your fitness goals.

    1. As far as I know they don’t give samples, but they do have a 30-day money back guarantee and from what I’ve heard, they are pretty good about honoring it without any hassle.

  29. I too would like to know how Ideal Shape compared to Medifast. I need to lose 50 lbs.,but the amount of exercise I can do is limited because of lower back pain. I have had 2 back surgeries, the last being spinal fusion. My age is 56 which is also a factor. I did Medifast and liked it, but the cost is too high for me now. Help…….

    1. Hi Yvette,

      In regards to working out, I’d like to recommed Wii Fit Plus. It’s very low impact and therefore won’t put too much pressure on your back. I love it an am trying to get my mother to start it as she’s 65 has some major back issues too.

  30. I have been on the Ideal Shape Shakes for about 7 weeks. So far I have lost 17 pounds and am simply LOVING it. I prefer the Vanilla over the Chocolate since I mix in frozen fruits with it. It seems the different flavors of fruits tastes better with the vanilla though the Chocolate is OK….especially when mixed with Pineapple and strawberries.

    A shake for breakfast and lunch then a regular dinner is now my daily routine. In the evenings I will have a small 100-200 calorie snack and I am fine. The first 5 days or so all I did was go to the bathroom to get rid of the excess fluid. It has also alleviated my constipation that I have dealt with for the past 5 years due to medication. What a difference to now have regular bowel movements.

    I actually look forward to my morning shake! My Mom, sister and brother in law have also began taking the shakes. Mom has lost 7 pounds while my sister & BIL have lost 5 pounds each. My Sister and BIL also have severe type 2 Diabetes. Since beginning the shakes both of their blood sugar levels have been within limits each morning and evening. This stuff goes beyond weight loss!!

  31. I really appreciate this site and all the honest input about this product & others…..I am looking forward to trying this shake!!

  32. Jeanette were you also exercising while on this shake, or do u have any tips on what u were doing in interested in trying this…thank u :-)

  33. What are the total calories that should be consumed daily? I’ve taken Visalus, but after an hour I was starving and never did lose any weight.

    1. Depends on your age, sex, current weight, and a slew of other factors DH. On average, consuming 1200-1600 calories daily is good for women and 1500-2000 for men.

      If you’re really hungry you might want to try a different shake or make sure to follow your shake with an 8 oz glass of water. Sometimes that helps.

  34. I ordered this product last fall and liked the taste of the chocolate & vanilla shakes
    Unfortunately I found I got a severe headache each time I drank them. I called
    IdealShape and they had never heard of this happening before. The products have
    no caffeine or other products in them that would cause this, however they were totally
    awesome as far as their customer service. I was really impressed with this company
    and wish I could have used the products.

    1. I get migraines regularly and soy is a trigger. I am looking for a soy free shake. Just a thought to your headache issue.

      1. I used this for the first time yesterday and spent the whole nite with A severe migraine and vomiting. This was the only thing that could have triggered. We’re you able to return the product? I purchased the large 90 day package.

    1. No shake should be used to replace all meals. While a shake may contain supplemental proteins, vitamins and minerals, supplemental proteins are not complete. So they do not contain the 8 essential amino acids found in proteins from meat. This is just one example of how supplementation cannot fill every meal.

  35. To get a milkshake consistency, freeze almond milk in ice trays and pop 4-5 in the blender with the water and shake. I have milk sensitivity so can’t do shakes regularly but this makes it so much better!

  36. I have a drink I like and put it in the blender until it is smooth so I would add frozen blueberries to the shake. The blueberries thicken up the soy milk I use so I am sure it will do the same for this shake. You would not get hungry that is for sure.

  37. I know this is an odd questions since most here want to LOSE weight ( me included) however, my dear hubby has the exact opposite problem. He has MS and he has lost a lot of weight and he cannot gain any back. Would something like this be good for him if he used whole milk – not sure what else he could add to bulk up the calories. He currently has 1-2 carnation instant breakfasts with a scoop of EAS protein muscle builder. He could stand to gain the 20 lbs I need to lose!

    1. He could, however he will be best with a protein shake instead of a meal replacement shake. The EAS protein muscle builder is probably working as good, if not better, for what he wants.

    2. I have a friend that has MS and she started Isagenix. She has lost weight but also has so much more energy. She loves the results from her drink mix because if she goes a week(vacation) and not drink she loses the energy. Not sure if it all the vitamins and nutrients that are in the drinks and if it mattered which brand drink.

  38. I started Ideal Shape 1 week ago and have lost 6 lbs. I was very scepticle that it would make me feel full. I eat oatmeal for breakfast, shake for lunch with almond milk, sometimes a snack between lunch and then a regular dinner. So far I am very impressed with the product as far as feeling complety full for several hours. My only complaint would be, I have major gas about 30 minutes after drinking the shake and it lasts for 3-4 hours. Luckily I work from home so I’m not stinking anyone else out. Does anyone else have this issue?

    1. jon. I have this issue with ViSalis. That is why I am looking into Ideal Shape. I need to use GasX with every shake! I love the shakes, but I can’t stand the bloated feeling any longer. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem using Ideal Shape and if there are sugar alcohols in this that are the cause. I would like to try Ideal Shakes

  39. I understand that this product has an appetite supressor. Would this interfere with anxiety/depression medications such as paxil?

  40. I would like to know if you have vanilla flavor and if you send out free samples or if you have a smaller quantity to purchase? I do not want to order a 30 serving container of something that I have never tasted.

  41. I am being asked to sign up for the Visalus shakes. They gave me a sample and I did like it and it kept me full. The price is about $1.75/shake, which is pretty close to Ideal Shapes cost. I have read all the posted comments and a few of you indicated you had tried both. Which brand should I choose and why?

  42. I have crohns disease and have weight that goes uo and down based on the activiness of my disease. Due to all my medication and my disease being in some what remission I have gained an extra 25 lbs. Is this safe to take for someone with crohns disease? I cant eat normal diet food (salad, raw fruits and vegs) so wanted to try meal replacement shakes. I also just started weight watchers so hoping this product will work for me.

    1. Sorry Tina, but that is a question best asked to your doctor. Take the nutrition label to him and he can give you a thumbs up or thumbs down.

    2. I just want to say that “salad, raw fruits, and vegs” are not “diet foods”. They are foods! In a world full of processed foods and giant portions we have forgotten that people used to simply eat what comes out of the ground and what is picked from trees and vines without processing. ;o)

    1. I have used it with hot water for a hot chocolate and I believe their recipe section includes a few recipes using coffee, so yes.

  43. I was successfully doing the HMR program but found the shakes expensive and high in sugar. Did not like the meals and the bars are like candy bars. How does Ideal Shake compare to HMR 120 shakes for nutrition? HMR shakes are also made to mix with water and I had no problem with their texture or taste. I used a blender and ice to thicken them up.

  44. I ordered my first IdealShape Chocolate in January to try it. I was so amazed that I am already on my second order with the vanilla and chocolate. It is wonderful through and through. I have one or sometimes two a day depending on my workout schedule. I am 50 years old a breast cancer survivor and I feel great. I have lost inches and about 6lbs. The taste is GREAT, no jitters, no after taste, and if you add your fruits like a smoothie you have all different flavors. I recommend highly. I compared all of them and this one is tops.

  45. There are SO many other reasons for why 3 people lose weight faster or slower than others…that have absolutely nothing to do with the weight loss shakes! For example…men tend to lose weight much faster than women. The more overweight you are the faster your initial weight loss will be compared to others. Age. Activity level throughout the day. What foods you eat…not just how much. How much sleep you get…yep it’s true! Your overall level of health. Etc etc etc.

  46. Hi! I am 31 yrs old and about 100 pounds overweight, which I’ve gained over the past 5 years. I’ve been on an tried many diets and exercise programs with no luck. And I recently just quit smoking as well. I find it’s hard for me to stay motivated on my weight loss goals because I’m so impatient! I need to see results quickly in order to stay on track and so far I have no luck in finding such a product. Does this product produce somewhat quick results? So someone like me has a reason to stick with a diet and exercise plan?

  47. I love this shake! After one week of doing the insanity workout and having this shake with water in the morning I went from a size 14 to a size 12. Those results don’t lie, and I made my husband so jealous of the weight I lost he wants to try it now too. I like the taste of it with just water, but you get a much better consistancy in the blender with ice and I like to add bananna. yummy! I didn’t have any problems with gas or going to the bathroom alot, but that may be because I had just finished one month of nutrisystem and was eating healthy already. I highly recommend this product with a good exercise program to lose weight and keep it off. By the way, thanks for the promo code mrsr to get the $5 off!

  48. i tried isagenix for a month before i got married and was not impressed with it living up to its claims. i lost around 7-9# of mostly water weight in the first week/10 days then nothing for the rest of the program. and man was it expensive. my exercise level is steady at 4-5 mornings at the gym, and we take the dogs for a few miles a few times a week, when the weather permits.
    is this shake different from isagenix, and if so how? i did not like the cleanse day that isagenix has either. plain awful. would you say this is better? right away i notice it wont break the bank which is good.

  49. When blended with milk, can the protein drink/shake then be heated (in a microwave)? I have a stove top espresso pot and I like to make my own hot milk and espresso in the morning. It would be great if I could use a hot protein shake instead of just milk with the espresso!

  50. is there an appitite suppressant in Idealshape?.. I have A-Fib and can’t take anything that will speed up my heart…

    1. There is an appetite suppressant, but from what we’ve read it’s an all-natural potato protein so it shouldn’t do anything to speed up your heart rate.

  51. Hello, i am a teen and i was wondering if its healthy for me to loose weight. im not overweight, but my singing and modeling requires me to be a little thinner. My goal is to lose about 20-25 pounds. I was wondering how much people have lost in what amount of time?

    1. Ramey, I don’t know specifics about your current situation; but as long as you are losing weight in a healthy way, these shakes can help.

      This means eating properly, (not too much OR too little) exercising regularly, and NO CRASH DIETING. Let the weight come off naturally and you should be fine.

  52. It sounds good, but further looking at the products and enlarging the pictures, the one with the nutritional information shows Artificial flavors. What’s up with that> Artificial anything is not good for us. Dang…that stopped me right there.

  53. I just order my shake , I cant wait to get it . after hearing all the good comments I need too loose about 60lbs.

    1. I too need to lose 55 to 60 lbs in a fairly quick time. I need a lung transplant and the steroids that I have been on for years has added 100 lbs to my body. I just ordered Ideal Shape too and am looking forward to trying it and see if I can lose weight quickly. My plan is 3 or 4 shakes a day plus 3 oz of chicken or fish with lots of roasted veggies for dinner….saving one shake for evening. Good luck Veronica!!

  54. I just happen to have seen this site & extremely interested as I really need to lose
    around 50 lbs. I have just turned 60 but am an active 60 year old, have been on
    diets my entire life, they work, then the weight comes right back……just lost lots of
    weight over a year ago on the HCG diet, loved it but hard to keep off. Does the
    Ideal Shake help your Metabolism at all, more recently I did hear that the HCG
    will disrupt your metabolism so I’m now really anxious to lose this weight more than
    ever……also, the constipation is really a problem for me when I go on any diet, would
    it be best to mix the shakes with water rather than vanilla milk or any, for that matter??

    1. Shakes won’t disrupt your metabolism. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are going to improve your metabolism. The yo-yo dieting comes from losing weight then going right back to old habits of eating unhealthy foods and stopping exercise.

  55. I have been drinking Idealshape for 2 weeks, I replaced breakfast and lunch with a shake and have a simple dinner. I mix it with almond milk, tried it with water but didn’t like it. I have lost 9 pounds, I like the flavor of the chocolate and it has curbed my apetite. Going to order more.

  56. I got on a weight lose program called ideal protein, Lost 20 pounds and need a few more. I thought i would add this into my life to learn to eat a more balanced food with vitamins. I read up n this and thereviews, the proteins and the carbs are pretty good. My ex wife gets shakeology but wow what a price. I will try this out for a few months. Good luck to all

  57. I don’t drink this shake for weight loss, however I do drink it for the vitamins. I’m 44, and I’m not a big meat eater or milk drinker. I add 1 cup of FF skim milk, 1 scoop Idealshape, and a half frozen banana or other frozen fruit for breakfast. I get practically all of my vitamins for the day, it’s fast, and it holds me over until snack time. My most successful wieght loss program I’ve ever been on was to just quit eating processed/junk food, and get up and move.

  58. I started the shake about 3 weeks ago. I don’t exercise…I know…I know…I should. But I am just crazy busy for like 12 hours everyday. Anyway…I have only lost like 4 pounds on it. I find it does fill me up for a good 3 hours and gives me energy and I FEEL REALLY GOOD when I drink it. It taste good too. I would buy it just cuz it makes me feel good. I drink 2 shakes a day and then one meal , usually lunch. I do get hungry in between though…I think I will look into the meal bars. I also like that is only has 170 cal. per shake. Other shakes have more calories. I highly recommend this to anyone.

  59. I have been drinking the shakes now since July 1st 2013. I have lost about 13 pounds…I love the way they make me feel and I am NOT hungry at all. In fact, when I do realize I am hungry…its been about 4 hours after I drank my last shake. I drink one in the morning and have a good lunch, then one at night with a meal replacement bar for a snak. Don’t get me wrong. I give myself one day a week I eat what ever I want. Including ice cream and even some candy. I am keeping the weight off. I will continue to buy this product indefinitely. I highly recommend it. It works. And I DONT EXERCISE…I know I should, but it still works.

  60. My Biggest Regret is not coming to IdealShape sooner from that Visalus stuff. Don’t waste your time folks, I’ve been there done that. I don’t know about other shakes but I do know the difference between Visalus and IdealShape. Visalus doesn’t even come close to Idealshape. Period. Don’t believe me? They have the money back guarantee. Try getting ANY money back from Visalus…psh, good luck.

  61. I bought ideal shape after reading the good reviews here and some other shake comparison websites, I must admit I am very happy. I am in college and gained weight due to having little healthy food availavle on campus and limited choices for a fast meal between classes. Ideal shape took care of that! I got two containers. One of each flavor. I use fat free milk for more protein and calcium. The vanilla is sweet, it tastes a bit like drinking cake batter to me. It’s like dessert almost. The chocolate is also good, not as sweet. Both are insanely filling. I have tried both slim fast in the past and Special K. Neither fills me up as quickly. I have been in this for a few weeks. I do the accelerated program with 2 shakes a day and am losing around 5lbs a week! I will be ordering again soon, I am going to try their 90 or 120 day supply, as it comes with free supplements, which are also highly rated and normally 30$ a bottle. It is worth noting I am rather overweight. I want to lose around 70-80 ibs. The more you have the lose the easier it is in the beginning I think. Because at first diet changes are enough, but I will begin exercising when I have time. After the intial 5lbs a week I have gone down to 3lbs a week. Which is good. Rapid weightloss is something I want to avoid. 20ibs a month could have side effects.

  62. I am 20 years and I am a vegetarian. My parents say that it is not good to tale protein shakes as they are not natural but I need to loose around 50 pounds. I am wondering if these shakes have side effects and wether you have to take them forever once you start using them in order to maintain your weight.

    1. Vitamin supplementation isn’t the best way to get these nutrients, but it is better than NOT getting these nutrients. Especially getting your proper amount of protein.

      And to how long you’ll be on the shakes, that depends on what you’re using them for. If you just want to supplement your nutrition to balance your nutrients with your vegan diet, then the shakes can be taken for as long as you’d like. If you’re using the shakes to lose weight and create an exercise regimen then when you hit your goal you can start looking for other ways of balancing your nutrition to keep the weight off.

    1. The blender bottle that comes with the shake does very well, and these shakes have a very good taste and texture. One of our favorites.

  63. I have been using this for a month and has working so far, it would work more if I’m not always forgetting to take my supplement. Love the taste ,the price , the feeling of satiety and that it has less sugar than everything else.

  64. I am considering trying the Ideal Shakes along with the Bliss Go Packs weight loss supplement, will it be o.k to use them together?

    1. You shouldn’t have any issues mixing the IdealShake with other supplements. There aren’t any stimulants in the shake or chemicals that should cause negative interactions with other products.

  65. I use shakeology and liked it a lot… but it is sooo ridiculsly expensive that I was looking for options. I bought a vanilla Ideal Shape based on this review… Ideal Shape is sooooo sweet – I really disliked it. Why isn’t that mentioned in the review? I guess that is what makes it taste “so good” according to some… So, I have been drinking iIdeal Shape and cutting the sweetness with unsweetened things like cocoa or coffee and berries…. Its ok.. but I can tell you that is not as filling as shakeology. . (this is different from the review). I like the taste and thinkness of shakeology..Fortunately, I have had no side effects. I will be trying other shakes because Ideal shape did not cut it for me.

    1. I completely agree with you. The shakes, both vanilla and Chocolate are very sweet. I tried using different things to cut the sweet taste but have not found a solution. Suggestions welcome.

  66. Where is your comparison to Medifast please? And of vital importance to me: If you mix the chocolate with water does it taste like hot chocolate does when you mix it with water or does it taste like a chocolate shake?

  67. Well i think we are about to but ideal shape I just hope this will work it sounds like a great product. and i love how cheap it is. I did isagenix I did loose ten pounds in a month but i was always hungry and the price is crazy!! lets hope this works kinda scared!! there are to many meal replacements out there!! haha.

    1. One serving has 11 grams of carbs, 5 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of sugar. It should be safe for diabetics but you will want to talk to your doctor.

  68. I began t25 work outs a week ago and I was having serious considerations about getting shakeology, but I couldn’t justify the expense! I read all kinds of reviews on meal replacement shakes and found this one. I’m very excited about my first purchase of IdealShape!

  69. I am ‘lactose’ (casein) intolerant, can I still use this product. Or do you know of another weight loss protein shake I could use?

    1. This shake does not contain casein, however, it does contain whey protein. Whey protein is also derived from milk so we would recommend talking to your doctor first.

  70. Although weight loss is the goal, I am not looking to bulk up. It looks like IdealShake is a great option to keeping me from putting on muscle mass. Let me know if I am wrong.

  71. so obvously the ideal way to use this stuff or any shake is to work out and to diet. but will it work if i dont to any of that and only drink the meal replacements one or two times a day?

    1. We recommend that you talk to your doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan but ideally you would use these shakes as a supplement in order to help you improve your overall diet. Exercise is also important for an overall healthy lifestyle and can be a key ingredient on your way toward reaching your overall goals.

  72. I am looking for a protein powder that will help me lose weight and provide most if not all of the daily vitamins that I need per day. I work out but find myself with little to no energy at all, however when I was on Body by vi I could run all day. I did not like the taste though. Would this give me the same results, with weight lose, and a great taste?

    1. We think this shake tastes great and we really like the nutrient breakdown that Ideal Shape has come up with. Taking this shake before or after your workout would give you a good balance of protein to carbohydrates in order to support energy levels as well as maintain lean muscle.

    1. You can purchase the shake on their website. The buy now button above will take you directly to their online store.

  73. Hi, I just read over all of the reviews listed here. I need to lose about 100 pounds…God Bless doesn’t that seem like a lot of weight to lose???? One hundred POUNDS, Doctor Oz would go crazy if I didn’t do something to help myself plus I have Diabeties. I have tried other products before but the poor taste was usually why I stopped using them…except for the IDEAL SHAPE product…which tasted great except it was pricey. Today, is April 3, 2014 and I am going to order 4 cans of Ideal Shake today, 3 Vanilla’s and one Chocolate. I am sooo excited. I will also start walking at least 20 minutes everyday. I am making that commitment right now to all of you who read this post. Christmas, is just 9 months away. And that is my GOAL date to be a lot lighter. And happier too. I will keep you all posted!

    1. Hope all is going well on your journey — YES 100lbs is a big goal. I know – I have lost 163lbs in just over a year using ideal shape. Good luck to you.

    2. I’m in the same boat with you girl. Thinking of trying this myself. Was going to get that weight loss surgery and I had all the Dr visits, labs and online training done and all I had to do was meet the Drs. and to the counseling and then I was good to go and then my insurance dropped covering it. I was so disappointed, as you can imagine. I was a little scared to do such a major surgery though because of the possible complications. Maybe that is a sign I shouldn.t do it and give this shake a try. Get so discouraged sometimes. I/m willing to try this now. Wish me luck!

    1. IdealShakes are low in carbohydrates and a good portion of the carbs are from fiber. We feel that taking Ideal Shake while on a low carb diet is logical but ultimately you will have to determine if it fits in with the rest of your diet.

    1. Most weight loss shakes will not affect your medication because they aren’t chemically based. We would recommend talking to your doctor.


  75. Is this product sodium free or low in sodium? has anyone experienced High Blood pressure with the use of this product?

  76. Great Products — I have lost 163lbs since May 27th, 2013 using the ideal shape products. I have learned a great deal during my journey. You have to be in the right mindset (I did not use the mental CD’s from ideal shape as I had the mindset going into my journey – I just needed a tool). Good luck to anyone else on their life changing journey. :)

    #idealshape @idealshape

  77. Hello, I was interested in trying this product. Can I drink these shakes while breastfeeding? I can’t find any information on the internet.

  78. I drink a soy protein shake with pea protein powder added. How does ideal shape compare to a protein shake, I’m on a high protein low carb diet.

    1. Most protein shakes are going to contain between 20-30grams of protein per serving and very little of anything else. IdealShake provides protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, as well as, an all-natural hunger blocker. The purpose of a protein shake is to increase protein intake for muscle recovery or development. The purpose of a meal replacement shake is to help control total calorie intake and prove balanced nutrition.

  79. I LOVE this product..I started in July 2013 and lost 13 pounds in 3 months…It taste good, it controlled my appitite like no other…and was filling. I wasn’t hungry for about 4 hours which is good!! Thanksgiving rolled around and I fell off the wagon. Gained 10 pounds back over the next 6 months….I am going back on it now. OH!! Also, you will notice…it ACTUALLY MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER! It is loaded with all the vitamins and minerals you need. I highly recommend this product!! Today is June 27th 2014…Try It. I didn’t really care for the vanilla flavor….wish they would come out with strawberry. :)

    1. is the vanilla really good where you would drink it every day? I’m looking to order it. I have tried alot of diff varieties and the flavor is awful or too much sugar to make up for flavor
      looking for flavor feedback!

      1. I love the vanilla
        I add just water and it tastes great. To flavor, I add some sugar free pudding or jello mix, so I can have hot chocolate drink in morning and evening. I add frozen fruit to change the flavor to frozen shakes. I use a blender. No gritty taste! Enjoy

  80. Do I have to use a blender to mix the shake? or can I just manually mix it, such as with a spoon? Will it have the same effect if I manually mix vs using a blender?

    I apologize if my question is obvious; however, I do not want to purchase if the shake isn’t up to par mixing manually.

    Thank you.

    1. You can manually mix it or use a blender bottle. The only issue you may have is if you are trying to add additional ingredients to the shakes. I believe that if you order this product they provide a blender bottle or something similar.

  81. I exercised like 6 days a week, burned at least 1000 calories a day since I did alot of walking and running. Now I am out of commission since I broke my foot last week and will be “casted” for a couple of months. I really want to try this shake because I know that I have to try maintaining my weightloss (50lbs) I have already been eating 80 percent healthy, but I know being immobile will change alot for me. Hoping these shakes will help.

    1. Shelley I’m sorry you broke your ankle, try doing floor or chair exercises with light weights with fast non stop repitions to build your muscles in your arms and back and core. Although you can’t do traditional cardio,I think it’s possible to maintain your weight loss, by meal replacements and muscle building will reduce fat stores esp in the midsection. Good luck and don’t give up. Also check out some of the Beachbody videos on YouTube. They have some great workouts and beach video has modifiers.

    1. It shouldn’t cause you any problems. It may even help you get you blood sugar levels under control. Just make sure to talk to your Doctor and get his recommendation.

  82. I am going back and forth between Shakeology and Ideal Shake. I do go to weight watchers, I do zumba, turbo kickboxing and running on the treadmill. I am at a plateau and need something to help me kickstart my weight loss and have energy as I have chronic fatigue. Shakeology is just so expensive. Can anyone tell me between the two which they like best in regards to flavor and also for help in losing the wieght and having energy? My head is spinning from trying to decide, I even dream of it like a crazed person…. Thank you!!!

    1. I am on shakeology but have not tried Ideal Shake yet. IWhich tastes better? I have found in my research that if you are going to exercise then shakeology may be for you, but if not then try a different shake?

  83. marilee simkins, how is it on july 19th, almost amonth since your back on it?, do you mix with water? is is gritty, how long do you have to wait before you drink it after mixing?

  84. I am trying to find a post workout drink and a meal replacement. Shakeology is recommended as a post workout drink because of the dense nutrition is this something that can be used in the same way?

    1. The most important part of a post workout shake is its carb to protein ratios. You want somewhere around a 1:1 ratio and IdealShake has almost exactly that ratio. Another important part of the formula is the protein source in the shake. Whey protein is considered the gold standard. The additional vitamins and minerals in the IdealShake will also help with recovery. IdealShake has 11 grams of protein per serving so if you need more you need to take that into account. If necessary you can do 1.5-2 scoops.

  85. I need to lose about 90 pounds and am looking for a shake that has great flavor, I have noticed all the shakes that say to add water are nasty, but are better tasting if I add fat free milk. Is this okay to do with these shakes, and will it hurt the weight loss journey by adding milk?

    1. You just need to make sure you are taking into account that milk is going to increase the overall calories number of calories you are consuming each day. If you adjust accordingly you should be able to stay on track with your weight loss.

  86. My hubby and I have used ideal shake for a week and have both lost about 5 lbs. Feel good and not hungry, also using the ResveraShape that they included with the order.

  87. i need to have a lung transplant and need to lose 55 lbs before I am even considered. I have put 100 lbs on over the years with being on steroids. I am on oxygen 24/7 and cannot exercise. Steroids also caused diabetes. I have ordered Ideal Shape and with using a scoop with Almond milk (30 calories) for breakfast and lunch with a dinner of small size fish or chicken and lots of roasted veggies. If I am hungry later, I plan to use another shake. The shakes will be 420 calories and I am sure the fish and veggies will make it under 1000 calories each day. My life depends on losing the 55 lbs in at least 6 mos. or less. Hope it works!!

  88. I am thinking about ordering Idealshake. I like to drink coffee in the morning with my breakfast. Could I still use this as my breakfast replacement shake?

    1. It should work to drink the shake after your morning coffee instead of your regular breakfast. You will get the benefits of the caffeine from your coffee and all the nutrition from the shake to get your day started off right.

    1. Proper nutrition should help improve your energy levels. There isn’t any caffeine in this product but it is nutritionally balanced and has many vitamins.

    1. It is important to talk to your doctor before consuming any nutritional product. We wouldn’t expect any of the ingredients in this shake to be a concern while breastfeeding.

  89. I found the shakes to be vrey tasty even when made with only water. I did find that the 30 day supply does NOT last 30 days if using 2x a day, I measured each scoop out. It probably only got me about 20-22 days.

  90. I love this shake mix especially the chocolate. I add the vanilla to my morning fruit shakes and drink the chocolate when I do not have time to prepare my fruit. They do keep you full for about 4hrs. This product is very tasty. I went from 188lbs down to 145lbs in 6months and that was with little amounts of added exercise. My friend tried to get me to try shakeology and other products and I did not care for any of them. 10/10

  91. I had the gastric bypass after my son was killed in 2008- and have lost well over 300 lbs– I have about 50 more I would like to lose — turning 50 and focusing on me– wish me luck =)

    1. you can do it, you have faced many challenges in your life. This is simple compared to the battles we face daily in life. good luck be still in a busy world.

  92. I’ am 50 lbs overweight that i would like to loose due to health problem and I also want to loose weight to motivate my friend that is more than 100 lbs overweight to do the same. I am going to order the shake and I will take my picture before and after to strongly motivate everyone in the same situation as me to do exactely the same. Please tell me if i use this product the right way I will be able to reach my goal.

    1. You do not need to add any milk it will just make it taste too sweet ,just add cold water, its awesome tasting better than anything out there,sometimes i add a tablespoon of coffee creamer from sams club 15 cal. it makes it taste like a milkshake…totally awesome follow directions shake followed up by 8 oz water and in a few minutes you will feel full ,no bs here!….good luck

  93. i was losing a lot of weight drinking Slim Fast; then my doctor and i found out that vitamin k was in it. i take a certain medicine that prohibates me from eating any thing green, no vitamin k. it’s very hard. Please, can you come up with something? sincerely, no name

  94. I started 2/05/2015
    Starting Weight: 198.3

    I will update 03/05/2015

    I mixed with unsweetened almond milk. It was not bad at all. Much better than any meal replacement shake I ever had! I reccomend preparing the shake at night, place in the fridge for the next day so that all the powder will dissolve.

    Next time i will use my magic bullet to throw a few frozen berries in there or fruit

    See you 2/5/2015

  95. Love it!!!! Have about 10 lbs to lose, needed a kickstart. Lots of lifestyle changes that have made me burn fewer calories…retirement. I’m using it a little differently than the program recommends. I make one in the morning and drink about 3 to 4 oz. It kills my hunger and I eat breakfast later and a smaller portion. Through the day whenever I get those PANGS I drink another couple of ounces, then another small meal an hour or two later. I am using 2 shakes a day total and have lost 4 lbs in 5 days…a little fast but I figure it will slow down. It also helps when I get an urge for a glass of wine…take a sip of Shake and the urge passes. It does get creamier the longer it is in the fridge. I have not used any other shake products so have no opinion on flavor quality, but I reeeeeally like the chocolate.

    1. It’s been two weeks now, total 5 lbs lost (I thought 4 lbs in 5 days was a little fast…lol). Still very pleased with my results.

      I’m one of those people that is hungry ALL the time. The sips of Shake through the day definitely curbs those potato chip urges. Amazing!! Still using about two shakes a day total…sometimes a little less. Lots of fresh fruit and my homemade vegetable soup. I love my jeans fitting better.

      I’ll write another report in two more weeks.

  96. i don’t know what planet all you people are from but i just tried the chocolate shake and it had a horrible taste.could barely drink it.

  97. I just bought this. I hope it helps me to loose weight. I have been recently diagnosed with Lupus and RA. I have put in a lot of weight being on steroids and would like to take that off and some more weight also. It is hard to work out right now as all my joints hurt sooo bad. I am hoping to get some energy to start to walk. I am 36 and too young to have to deal with these health issues. Here’s to hoping these shakes help!! Praying they do!!! If anyone can give me suggestions I would greatly appreciate them!! Thanks!!!

  98. I am 62 yrs old & wanting to lose about 30 lbs. or so. I walk mostly right now but have purchased some DVDs that target various areas so I can incorporate those as well. My intent if I buy these shakes would be to use them for 2 meals & then eat one healthy meal of regular food. And healthy snacks though it seems from reading here that most users do not feel the urge to snack! So….how do these shakes work for us “oldies but goodies”?

    1. I’m 65 (see story below). I was doing very well, 5 lbs in 3 weeks, then went to Spring Training in Phoenix. Took my shakes with me and only gained 2 lbs back.

      I’m walking on treadmills every day, 2 miles…slow pace but still moving. I still want to lose about 8 lbs more so will stick with the shakes, maybe forever.

      I just sip them through the day…usually about a shake and a half. They are three points on WW if you are combining the programs.

      Good luck!!!

    2. hey DT. 62 year old female also. starting on ideal shakes, etc. on July 1st (tomorrow actually) and wanted to know how you’re doing on them and losing weight.

  99. I am the worlds biggest skeptic. I have over 100 pounds to lose. I have tried so many plans and wasted so much money, I didn’t believe anything would curb my appetite. I am trying to get my but and gut in the same zip code. So, after much investigation, I decided to try the shakes.OMG, IT WORKED. I drink two shakes followed by water and I AM FULL AND SATISFIED………..

    1. So happy for you Valkat – I was the exact same way –

      I love Ideal Shape – great products and just an overall amazing company

      THey even gave me a discount code to share LIVELIFE20 = 20%off

      Check out my blog for more information

      I am in a maintenace stage for a bit now (as I needed to see if I could maintain) – anyway I have lost 193 pounds (188 in the first 16 months) using Ideal Shape Products – if I can – Anyone can. I replace 2 meals of 5/6 per day. The one thing I have learned through this journey is there is NO MIRACLE PILL – it takes hardwork, patience, belief in yourself, will power and a great TOOL (for me that TOOL is Ideal Shape)

      Thanks again #IdealShape for giving me my life!

      Living Life and Loving it!

  100. I bought this a few weeks ago. Finally getting started on it. I found that I will need to do two shakes a day as one shake doesn’t help my afternoon hunger. I also have a light snack such as an apple or orange in between meals.

  101. Does this product have lactose? I am lactose intolerant and have read many customers experience bloating and gas. I read that the product is gluten free. However, is this product lactose free?

  102. I started this a week and a half ago. I bought the Mocha and Chocolate.
    This is my first go round with ‘shakes’ as meal replacement. I read every review on every kind out there and decided on this one. So far, I love the taste. I am doing mine with water, I mix it the night before and take it to work with me. Then after I drink my am shake, I re-fill with water and powder again, and put it back in the fridge for lunch. I don’t have the option to use my mixer at work, but I do mix it with water ice on weekends. I bring an apple, orange or grapes and eat that for lunch with my second shake. I am fine, not really hungry. I did try one with milk last week…I think I like water better, plus it saves on calories. I haven’t really weighed my self yet, because I don’t want to de-rail myself. I can tell my stomach has shrank though. I bought a months worth so far, and I am going to give it 30 days and see what happens.

    1. One other followup. Trying to answer a couple of questions I saw on here. I have found these shakes have no grittiness at all. Not sure if it because I am letting them sit in the fridge, and soak up the powder? Also, I bought the shaker bottle and the two tubs. I do like their shaker bottle, it is noisy, but effective. I can’t imagine trying to mix this with a spoon. I also bought another one for 3.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. You don’t need a mixer, but I do use my bullet mixer on the weekends with ice and it makes it super fluffy and almost malt like. The scoop is inside, I poked a knife down in the powder until I found it.

    2. Lydi Payne, i’m interested on how you are doing after a month on the ideal shakes. i just got my order and plan to start on July 1st.

  103. Grittiness … Been using this shake for about three months. They’ve changed the formula in my last order. I noticed that there was less powder in the container and the scoop was smaller…that’s OK so long as the taste and result is the same…it’s not. 20 fewer calories and GRIT. In the past I’ve always left it in the fridge for at least a few hours and then smoooooth. Now, not. Please go back to the formula I’ve purchased before.

    1. I totally agree! The last batch I ordered was very gritty and did not seem to mix as well as previously. I am VERY disappointed and will likely try to find another brand now. I’ve submitted my comments to IdealShape as well.

  104. I love the taste & texture, & am on Day 3. I am drinking it for breakfast, mixing with Almond milk. I have had a bit of a unsettled stomach, slight nausea, and headache. Has anyone else experienced this? Could be my body adjusting to the “good stuff”! I desparately want to lose 15-20 lbs. Any supportive feedback would be appreciated!!

    1. I have had several shakes so far as well (no more than 1/ day). I am having exactly the same issues with a slight headache, dizziness, a little nausea and upset stomach. I’ve tried taking a break and also drinking the shakes consistently. I’ve never had any reactions to foods, including soy, so I’m not sure what’s causing this. I’m thinking it must be an allergy of some sort. Wondering if other people continued the shakes after these feeling and what the result was. Thanks!

  105. Just starting the T25 by BeachBody (I found it on ebay much cheaper) and almost bought the Shakeology to go along but like everyone else I think it’s way to expensive. Researched online and found several different reviews with IdealShake at the top of their list so I’m going to try it… Will try to come back and update my results. I too like a previous poster lost a lot of weight doing the HCG diet and excercising but gained it all back once I stopped. Like any weightloss program/supplement if you don’t continue to eat right and exercise you will gain it back. So far anything I’ve tried I have had success with but as soon as I stop it comes right back. You have to change your lifestyle and mindset or the weight will always come back. There is no miracle pill or shake that is going to make you loose weight and keep it off (unless you stay on it for the rest of your life and even then ehhhh…)

    1. I am also diabetic and I have learned with the Ideal shakes that it keeps my numbers within the goal range that my doctor has recommended. Aside from that, it helps you feel full and not hungry in between recommended meals. I have a shake for breakfast and lunch, a healthy snack in between to maintain my levels (half a fruit/half a veggie). I drink plenty of water after each shake. I incorporate exercise at least once a day, even if the workout seems to be too much, I always do the modified versions. You still sweat quite a bit and the pounds have come off. Three months on this shake and I’ve surprisingly lost 27 pounds and counting. Definitely a HUGE difference from Shakeology. My sister noticed and has begun using these shakes, she is not diabetic, and is seeing the same results I did when I started. It works! I would say “good luck” to all who reads this, but I’m going to say “can’t wait for you to see for yourself!” :)

    1. You may be able to tolerate it. Whey protein isolate contains very little lactose. I would suggest that you check out the nutritional facts and refer to your physician before trying it.

  106. I would like to see the comparison between Optifast 800 and Ideal shake. I used Optifast and dropped 63 lbs in 30 months but you can only get it through hospitals that have weight management programs. Optifast does not sell to the general public. Only other option is to purchase through Ebay but a 2 months supply is approx. $600.00

  107. hi everyone. i’ll be starting on the ideal shakes tomorrow, July 1st, and im excited after reading posts on here. i work 3rd shift and my problem seems to be the eating when i get home. this will be where the shakes will come in for me. i actually do well with weight loss on the South Beach Diet, but i need something besides this as i’m always too tired to cook when i get home. i’ll be back here to update after 2 wks of starting.

  108. Just started ideal shake. Great taste. But I’m experiencing severe headaches since I started. Has anyone experienced headaches as well?

    1. Thanks Rebecca for your review. Sorry that you are experiencing headaches. With any new product to a diet, some people do encounter side effects. Usually they are temporary and will go away after adjusting to the ingredients. I would recommend drinking more water and start with only 1 shake a day while your system gets use to it and then increase to 2 shakes a day.

  109. I have been on Ideal Shape for exactly 90 days today. I started at 253 pounds. Today, I weigh 213. That’s 40 pounds in 30 days. In the past, I weighted, at one time, 347 pounds, so weight has been a problem for me most of my life. I am a 66 year old, 6′ 2″ tall man. I LOVE food. However Ideal Shape tastes so good and the appetite suppressant works so well that I do not feel as if I am “suffering” to lose weight. Someone asked if I was afraid I’d quickly gain my weight back. I told them that if I gained any weight back, it would be easy to go back on the Ideal Shape because it tastes so good and works so well. I have had no problems at all with the product.
    I spoke with someone yesterday who asked about the product. I told them, if they would buy the chocolate shake mix and use it for five days, that if she didn’t like it, I would buy it from her. I am sold on the stuff. I do not work for Ideal Shape. I get nothing for my testimonial, but I can’t imagine that she will want her money back.
    If you have tried and failed in the past, give Ideal Shape a try.

  110. I am starting t 25 and have previously used the chocolate vegan shakeolog you shake. I am looking for an equally good shake less expensive. Shakeolog you is way tooooo expensive and although I love how it makes me feel it does not aid in my weight loss, it’s just pretty much a nice tasting healthy drink. For that price I want at least a couple pounds dropped besides what I’ve lost with good diet and exercise. So I’m going to try ideal shape and keep u guys updated.

  111. i purchased all 4 flavors of the ideal shake, and started using them on July 2nd. as of July 18th i have lost 7 lbs. my preference is the vanilla, than strawberry. chocolate is good, but the mocha i’m not so sure of (only had it twice so far). i work 3rd shift so my meals are a little weird. i have a shake when i wake up at night, then i have a good healthy meal at work, then another shake when i get home in the morning where i had fruit to it. i bought one of those ninja blenders which i love. depending on what flavor shake i have, i have been adding half 1% milk & water. then add ice cubes, the shake flavor, wheat germ, BP2 (i have chocolate & reg), and chia seeds, along with a serving of fruit in one shake. i’m loving the shakes, and looking to getting rid of all these unwanted pounds (notice i didn’t say lose, as i don’t want to ever find them again, lol)..

  112. I’m thinking about using this as a meal replacement on the days when I’m on campus all day taking classes. Can I blend it up in the a.m., keep it in a cooler bag and then just shake it up at lunchtime when I get a break? Will the consistency be ok?

    1. I am thinking about trying this shake, but I’ve been using another shake for a little while. I drink it in the mid of the day, and to do so I just put powder in my shake bottle, and then when I am actually about to drink it, i add water and mix it. Works great and I don’t have to worry about the cooler and its consistency :)

  113. I have been using the ideal shake now for three days, and unfortunately, each of these days, i’ve suffered extreme headaches lasting through to the next morning. I have a history of headaches and migraines, so I thought it was just a flare up, but i’ve never had such an episode lasting like this over three days. I noted that some other people said they had headaches, and now I’m almost afraid to try again. I’ve really enjoyed the flavors and the shake recipes, very easy to make, quick and easy to drink at on my busy work days. Should I try again? Any suggestions or thoughts?

  114. how can I get this shake from Nigeria? and also I can be a distributor of your product here in Nigeria…please I need reply as soon possible. thanks.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Unfortunately at this time IdealShape only sells their products within the United States.

      -WLS Critic

    1. With any medical problems, when starting a new meal replacement shake, it is wise to check with your doctor first and go over the nutritional facts.

  115. just curious if any one that uses this is on the 21 day fix… I can’t afford the shakeology and am looking for something that will be comparable for me.

  116. I lost from 254 to 194 between April 14, 2015 and October 5, 2015. I did not exercise, other than cut the grass and play golf with a riding cart once a week. Tastes great. Appetite suppressant works. I eat five times at day, including three Ideal Shape shakes or bars, one real food meal and a snack. I use My Fitness Pal to monitor my calories. My wife says that it does not make me grouchy. I guess that’s because I was already grouchy, but it’s not any worse.

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