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  1. I have been using the isagenix system and can back up everything said in this review. It is a good tasting shake but unless you buy the complete system you will be starving 2-3 hours later. The snacks with the system help out with the hunger, but the system is very expensive unless you sell the products, which i do not

    1. I have been using Isagenix for over 6 years and work out every day without being hungry every 2 to 3 hrs. Some people are hungry every 2 to 3 hours not because of food but not enough water or it is a habit. I do not find the cost that expensive on the contrary at 3.75 per meal that is better that anything bought in the store. there is more nutrition in one shake that in three plated meals. not any one product can do everything that is why there are systems. a doc will give you a system.

        1. Cheryl, I have been using Isagenix as part of my daily routine now for about 6 months.
          It’s incorporated, and up until now I’ve not used it as a way to lose a ton of weight.
          What I will say is that I’ve maintained my weight and muscle mass without having
          to do too much physically. I came off of a nasty ankle fracture and dislocation and started
          using these products only to find that I seemed to heal more efficiently after my
          second surgery (hardward removal) than I did from my initial fracture, when I was not
          using the products. I noticed that my muscle mass in my thighs wasn’t affected as much, either,
          and I was in a cast for about the same amount of time. I am generally more well-rested
          and my skin has improved, and I do not use the Rejuvity line.
          I have only recently decided to start selling Isagenix, too, of my own volition. I wanted to be
          sure I was going to back something I truly believe in, and I truly do believe in Isagenix.
          Once you try it, you know. This is only my opinion, though, and I hope it helps answer
          some questions!
          Tasha, Ms. Texas US Universal 2014.

        2. If you go back to the way you were eating before starting Isagenix (why did you need to start Isagenix anyway???) then, yes, you will gain. Stick to a sensible diet and exercise, you should maintain. Isagenix is designed for overall lifetime health. I have been on it since April and haven’t felt better. If you would like more information, I would love to talk to you :)

  2. I find the shakes to be pretty effective. I have lost weight with them and felt great. I am one who from almost all of the research I have read will stay completely away from chemical sugar substitutes as they have many undesired side effects. The price is fairly high, but compared to what most folks spend of soft drinks (pop), coffee and espressos, etc. and this is actually good for you, it’s a small price to pay.
    I also do not like appetite suppressants found in many of the competitor and pretty highly rated shakes. The more natural the better for me.

  3. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just eat more natural foods, such as a smoothie made with just a bit of yogurt (preferably Greek and vanilla to add a sweetness), a little fruit, spinach or kale, protein powder or chia seeds and ice, instead of spending tons of money on something that’s made into a powder? Just curious.

    1. Yes, but shakes are a healthy alternative. Many people don’t know enough about supplementing their own nutrition or how to cook with healthy foods that aren’t as common (like many of the things you listed.)

      Meal replacements are a convenient, healthy, cost-effective way to do the next best thing.

    2. More natural foods do not have the nutrients in them,. our ground is depleted of most minerals our body needs. the protein power you ad to your smoothie is filled with many insecticides, fungicides also it is heat treated where Isagenix is undenatured which is a cold process. and the cows are not given antibodies or hormones. Plus they are grass fed and only milked in season. the amount you spend to make your smoothie is about the same at one shake but not the same nutrients.

  4. I would like to know if anyone out there has lost weight doing just the isagenix shakes for breakfast and lunch and then a regular dinner. I like the shakes but I don’t want to do the cleanse etc. please let me know thanks

    1. The cleanse is only 4 days out of the whole month. I’ve lost 22 lbs since starting on June 6 this year. I did the cleanse on my 4th day for 2 days and then the following 2 Mondays and then I took a Monday off and just did a cleanse again last Monday. I can tell you that I still lost weight in the 2 weeks I did not do a cleanse.
      The important thing, like in any attempt to lose weight is to eat a healthy, well-rounded meal for the non shake meal. Taking in less calories than you use in a day will always work unless there is some other underlying health issue.
      What I can say about using Isagenix is that I have far more energy than I have had in years. After 2 children and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis I have had a difficult time losing weight and when I have managed to do so I haven’t had the extra energy to exercise. I am now doing both. I am training for my first 5k and I really have never felt better.

    2. I have ZERO interest in selling Isagenix but signed up as a distributor to get the wholesale price. Apparently about 80% of people who use it are like me. I started my brother & his wife on it too. He weighed 475 lbs & In 2 months, he is down 55 lbs and his wife is down 27 lbs. No cleanses – just 2 shakes a day with lean & green for dinner..

      I am using it for health. I have lost 12 lbs in a month. I do the shakes,, the cleanse and the morning mineral drink called Ionix Supreme. The adaptogens in it have made a difference in my cortisol levels (per my doctor who does NOT use or sell Isagenix). My cholesterol is down to 162. My HDL is up to 50 and LDL is down to 94. Trigylcerides are 99. All my insulin & glucose levels are at optimal amounts. My kidney filtration rate of 97. And my Creactive protein (inflammatory marker from arthritis) is down from 13 to 4.

      My doc was blown away by the changes in a few short months. He doesn’t do Isagenix nor sell it so he has no vested interest but was impressed by the results. All of this with no changes in my exercise regimen of 3x week.

    3. I have been using Isagenix shakes twice a day (breakfast and dinner) for the past ten months and have lost 24 pounds without doing exercise or using the cleanse or supplement snacks part of the program. I just mix the powder with cold water and it taste great. My husband who is a type 2 diabetic has lost 35+ pounds in the same amount of time. He cannot exercise as he has COPD and CHF. The shakes have helped tremendously with the fluid build up in his body from the CHF. We both are so much more healthier now and enjoying our lives again.

    4. Denise, I began in October and didn’t do a cleanse until January. I was consistently losing weight without the cleanse although I immediately felt the positive effects of the cleanse. The thing I like the most about Isagenix is I am back in control of my weight and diet. I don’t need to lose much weight. I’m just trying not to gain weight and stay healthy.

    5. The cleanse is the best part of the system it tastes really good just to even add one scoop to your water. :) and it doesn’t make you crap your pants lol …

  5. I have lost quite a bit of weight using these shakes so far about 25 pounds and I have only been on the system for just a 3 days over 2 months. And yes I do eat a regular dinner. At first I found the shakes very tasty but as time has gone (in about 2 months) on I have found myself adding berries at times or making them hot for hot chocolate. Where I have found the system wonderful is that if you eat the shakes and the snacks you do not find yourself overeating at dinner.

  6. Yes you can loose weight with the shakes for breakfast and lunch and a sensible dinner. Like lean meat or fish, turkey or chicken. You can do whatever part of the products is good for you and your style. The cleanse is obviously a quicker way to loose the weight and does release the toxins but it’s not for everybody. There are also shorter cleanse days like a half a day or cleanse at night. If you get hungary between shakes, you can always eat celery or carrots or Isadelights or fiber snacks. There are also the scooby snacks.


  7. Dont use anything ISAGENIX! I have purchased two 9 day cleanse for myself and significant other as a birthday present back in JUNE 12th. Since we have waited to find a two week period where we can allocate the appropriate time to the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse i am outside of their 30 day garuntee. I had called today 1 week after finishing the product and made them aware there was NO RESULT TO BE SEEN, I was told too bad your outside of the 30 day however if there is any unused product we will buy it back. I had used the products as described and have no leftover un opened. Waste of time. Please repost this everywhere and let your friends know they are wasting their time with this overpriced product.

    1. Joe,

      I am hard pressed to understand your anger. If you waited past the 30 day return policy because you “waited to find a two week period where we can allocate the appropriate time” how is that a reflection on the company. I had to write because that is so typical of the mindset today, that we all should get what we want when we want it….period.

      And, I can’t imagine that with the 9 day cleanse, that incorporates 4 days of basically intermittent fasting unless you cheated, that there was not some change in either you or your significant other. It is almost impossible not to lose weight……..unless your body fat percentage/ratio is 0……. it is just scientifically impossible…….

      Now, if you cheat…..then yeah, it doesn’t work……

  8. I am on Day 8 of the 9 Day Cleanse, and I am down 11lbs. I feel better than I have felt in a long time and have more energy! I plan on continuing with the shakes and one sensible high protein low GI meal. I love this product. Though a tad on the pricey side, it’s well worth it to me!

  9. Does anyone have any idea the effects maybe 10 years later, using Isagenix? Seriously hoping to hear from someone who either used it years ago, or are still using the product X amount of years later. Just interested to learn if you would still recommend the product or not.

    Thank you.

  10. I’ve been doing 9 day cleanses about every other month for over 1year. I’ve lost 60 lbs with a 5to 10 lb bounce back at the end. IAlso have added Ionic Supreme. My doc is very impressed with the bloodwork. I just got off my high blood pressure medicine that I’ been on for 40 years.I feel better now than when I was in my 50’s. You get out of the program what you put in. This worked when excercize didn’t. I’m very pleased with the product in spite of it’s cost.

  11. Dr wanted to put me on Lipitor to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. I told him to give me a month before taking meds to try and lower my numbers. All I’ve done is the shake for 30 days and took blood tests. My numbers were normal and Dr was impressed and said I didn’t have to take meds. Isagenix is great for your health

  12. I would like to know of the people commenting positively about Isagenix how many are selling it? The reason I looked this review up was because it was unbiased. The group reporting their findings have no financial gain by promoting or not promoting it. My experience with all things MLM it cost more and you can get the equal w/o the cost. If any item/product is good enough it can stand on its own.

    1. My father has been using these products for the past plus years. He has managed to maintain his weight once he lost it.
      I myself have used it to much success and strayed from it.
      I am currently restarting the product.

  13. Is this for someone that wants to shed about 10/15 pounds? If so, what would be the best. most effective way and easy on the pocketbook way to go about this? Thanks

    1. I’ve done the 30 day…only doing a 1 day cleanse a week…9lbs gone & 20.75 inches…amazing stuff!!! Moving on to my next 30 days using the 2 day cleanse…cannot wait for results this time!!!

  14. To the person who made the comment about being able to buy the same or equal product for less money thru a non MLM source, it has been my experience that the BEST products are usually sold thru an MLM so there are no equal products! The product does stand on its own and FYI, MLM is simply a clever way to market a product to consumers. Just because it is different than conventional business marketing methods, doesn’t make it a bad thing. You pay more because just like share holders investing in a company’s stocks, the up line have to be rewarded too or there is no incentive for them to invest in the company. It’s just the way business works. I found this site because I just learned of the isagenix from someone who has lost 60 lbs by replacing two meals with these shakes and he is a self made man and has zero vested interest in the company nor does he sell it! Too bad for him tho because just by his word of mouth recommendation of the product, he COULD have made $ from me because I am now going to buy it!!!

  15. Has anyone experienced any jittery feelings. I’m on day 4 of the program and I’m noticing that jittery feeling shortly after my shake.

    1. I don’t use Isagenix but did want to suggest that you check your blood sugar when you get the jitters. You may be experiencing a drop in blood sugar after taking in the 24 grams of carbs.

  16. Do you have to do the shakes for the rest of your life to keep the weight off or can you go back to regular healthy eating?

  17. I have been using Isagenix shakes and supplement bars and drinks for almost a month and although I haven’t stuck to it religiously I have lost weight and I have more energy by far. But the best thing about this, is I’m a chronic migraine person, and I have not had any migraine increase while on these shakes or supplements this in my book is a Big Deal!!!!!

  18. Started April 10, 2015 and currently down 57 lbs. Shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch and a 400-600 calorie meal for dinner. Health numbers are great. Cholesterol down 70 points from last year. Lot more energy which leads to being more active. Haven’t exercised that much. Wife tried after seeing my results and is down 25 lbs. Good product. Just remember any program takes willpower. Stick to the agenda and you will definitely see positive results. Good luck!

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