RightSize – Get to your Right Size

Editor’s Review: 76/100

RightSize Smoothies can be found at some local distributors, but are found easier online. You can order from their online store or a couple other online retailers.

Appetite Suppressants – 10

RightSize Smoothies removed their unique appetite blocking blend.  The current formula contains only fiber and a small amount of soy protein to control hunger. We tried the shakes at the recommend one scoop but didn’t experience any appetite suppression.  At two scoops we felt a little fuller.

Proven Results – 13

We searched their website and found a Clincial Trial of the product that claimed it helped the participants lose 15.2 pounds over 12-weeks. The results weren’t overly impressive but did show weight loss  RightSize’s website does contain testimonials showing some of their success stories.

Nutrients – 16

Overall RightSize nutrition is average at best.  It does give you a reasonable amount of vitamins and minerals. There are a bunch of other ingredients as well that we will discuss. Let’s break it down.

The Good (7)

– With about 30% of your RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of vitamins and minerals per serving they contain very similar amounts as other shakes, but the 7 grams of soy protein puts it at the lower end of average.

The Bad (6)

– They keep the calories low at 100 per serving, but 15 grams of carbs and 6 grams of sugar…that’s a bit higher than we like.There is Green Tea Extract, Cinnamon Bark, and Ginger Root Extract which may provide some benefit to blood sugar and inflammation.

The Ugly (3)

– RightSize has quite a few fillers and they don’t keep them secret. The artificial flavors, corn syrup solids, and artificial sugars don’t add much to the potential success you might have with this shake.

Taste – 13

With three flavors, you should be able to find one you like. They do a good job at making a shake that doesn’t need additional ingredients to cover the flavor because of the amount of sugar in the shakes. We liked it and if taste is the most important factor for you, then Right Size is definitely an option.

Price Point – 20

They cost around $1.25-$1.50 per scoop which is just below our $1.50 requirement for max points. You can, in fact, hit under $1.20 if you’re willing to buy a 90-day supply. But that seems excessive to us.

Convenience – 4

RightSize comes in a small tub and can be found conveniently on-line. Their local distributors are fewer and harder to find. Not the best, but not the worst. At least Right Size isn’t an MLM.

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23 Responses to RightSize – Get to your Right Size

  1. cynthia dorsette says:

    i tried right size smoothy before but i never lost any weight…I want to try it again but does it really work?

    • WLS Critic says:

      No shake will work for everybody, but I don’t have much information to go on why you may not have lost weight from the first time trying it. There are many factors.

      The shake isn’t the magic pill, it’s more of a tool to help with dieting/exercise for weight loss.

    • Marcus Lemon says:

      These are the Best and they do work. I avoided taking the shakes for a long time but i finally put my foot down and did it research it and you will see how many people lost so much weight. Body By Vi is the shakes. LOVE It!

  2. Wanda Hamilton says:

    If you are thinking about ordering my right size, please don’t. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but they do not send you all of your products and when you try calling you can’t get in touch with them. I was suppose to get a second shipment and have not receive it as of yet and this was since August and this is December. You are better off going to a health store in your area. Right size does NOT give refunds, they DO NOT, DO NOT ANSWER THE TELEPHONE, AND IF THEY PICK UP ALL OF A SUDDEN THEY LOSE CONNECTION!!!!!!

    • nakia says:

      Well right size smoothie do work ,But they never sent my whole shipment.I cant complain since I only paid 6.00 for the shipping free trail and cancel my debit card for autoship

  3. Valarie Campbell says:

    Right size smoothie dos work and after ordering my trial online due to the favt that my enyire shipment was not sent i decided to go to CVS and found it there for $40.

    • Nancy Bell Fosler says:

      I get the Chocolate (Cocoa Bean) shipped to me once a month, and I pay $52 for “2” canisters!! They did go through a rough time over the summer and into the fall when they changed warehouses. They kept sending me sample packets until they could resume the tubs.Lol. I was in an accident, in a coma, then woke to have 18 surgeries, in a wheelchair and hospital bed at home. Ergo, I gained weight!! Went from skinny model to fat & jobless!

  4. I’ve tried it before and it was working for me I loved it what works for you might not work for me and everthing ain’t for everybody so I never go by what the next person say yes ill read reviews but at the end of the day I’m going to see if it works myself. I tried the smoothies when they were doing the promotion of just payn the shipping and handling when it was over I wanted to purchase more but it cost to much I did find it in CVS but the only flavor I like is the berry and CVS don’t sell it.

  5. Rick Fann says:

    I;m with you Ms. Hamilton…..They don’t honor what they advertise and then don’t answer the phone or if they do when you start to you tell your situation to them they put you on hold and don’t come back……Tried to cancel my membership or order and was informed that I couldn’t because they had already shipped the order…..They shipped an order that I had been trying to cancel for a week…Called numerous times and left 2 voicemails and sent 2 e-mails and got no response from them …..Then when I finally did get a human being on the phone she told me I couldn’t cancel because they had already shipped the product and charged my card for it…When I received the product to call them and let them know……I personally CAN NOT say that the product doesn’t work because I haven’t used it yet because I havent received it yet after being told it was shipped last week…..Bur I CAN SAY the customer service to cancel the product is terrible……and they DO NOT pay any attention to what you…….They now have my info for payment and i assume they will continue to ship and charge me……Time to call credit card company and cancel card……

  6. diane wright says:

    I will be returning the order that was shipped to me. I just wanted to try it to see if I would like it. I was not aware that they would send me more with out me asking them to…When I rec’d the order that was mailed to me I returned it.

  7. Kellie Harrell says:

    I am diabetic, but my blood sugar is very well controlled. I also have controlled blood pressure. I need to know what meds you CAN”T take with this shake. Thank you!

  8. lydia says:

    I made an order on the 28th of May n it was supposed to be arrive on April 2 I haven’t got it. They should send me my money back, wht kind of business is this.

    • WLS Critic says:

      Hey Lydia,

      We are sorry about your negative experience but we only write the reviews. We do not carry the products, sell them or ship them out. Try contacting the vendor that you purchased the shake through for feedback on your order.

  9. Amanda Ransom says:

    If anyone wants to purchase Right Size. Go to CVS. They carry it. If you get food stamps, you can pay for it with them. I’ve lost weight on it, but gained it back when stopped drinking it, because I had surgery. Will start back drinking it again.

  10. Betty says:

    Amazon has it for $23.99 for 20 servings.

  11. Debbie says:

    I was thinking of ordering before reading these reviews. Thanks so much for educating me. I’m going to CVS!!

  12. carol walker says:

    i want to purchase the smooties that were shown on t.v for ten dollars

  13. David says:

    I had a regular order. In April I was charged but the full amount. I made several calls to customer service and each time was told they would ship it out. Now 2 months later I call, ask for a supervisor (2 separate reps) and both refuse to give me one. They tell me my order will be shipped. I ask to cancel my account and get a refund and they say I cant. Something is very wrong here. Division of Consumer Affairs here I come.

  14. Valerie Haynes says:

    Right size smoothie does work. It really curves your appetite. I ordered through amazon its cheaper.

  15. KimberlyD says:

    Order it on amazon it is cheaper there! And they do not give all your money back when you do ask for a refund!

  16. dthomas78 says:

    I just started my smoothies. I bought the berries. Amazing taste. I just started it last night. It took about a week to get to me but I did receive all my product. The only side effect I have noticed is light intestinal changes. Remember everyone . You need you can’t just expect this to work by itself you have to keep active and eat right As well like someone said here there is no miracle pill. I have also been told MODIRATION is the key.. I have been struggling with weight loss all my life. Anyways I will check back and let everyone know how this product works… thanks every one

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