Secure – Affordable Meal Replacement

Editor’s Review: 69/100

We first got wind of the Secure weight loss shake on the Home Shopping Network or QVC being pitched by Andrew Lessman. We were initially surprised by its price and its major claim to fame that it only had 77 calories per serving. But the kicker was it supposedly tasted delicious.

Appetite Suppressants – 10

It’s common knowledge that if you want to lose weight you need to decrease your calorie intake. The key is decreasing your calorie intake comfortably. With only two grams of fiber and only 77 calories this shake hardly made a dent in our hunger. It didn’t seem to raise our hunger, but that is probably just because it doesn’t have too much sugar (7 grams) in it. You would need to take two scoops of the shake mix to just get a decrease in appetite similar to other similar shakes.

Proven Results – 5

There isn’t anything spectacular about the formulation of this product. The product doesn’t have any specific ingredients that are proven to help people get weight loss results. If you replaced two meals a day with one serving of Secure you could end up quickly losing weight, but it would be hard to maintain. You would basically be starving yourself and that has all kinds of bad consequences.

Nutrients – 20

They did pretty good nutritionally. They have a decent amount of vitamins and minerals, but far from the best we’ve seen, while keeping low on the calories. A bit of sugar, but avoided a lot of fillers.

The Good (7)

– With 10-220% of your RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of vitamins and minerals per serving you are going to be all over the board. Secure hangs their hat on the amount of calcium in their drink and levels of Vitamin B12 that is over 220% of your RDI. However, to be crass; anything over what your body needs is excess and will be disposed as such. Also, 2 grams of fiber is about half of what we would like to see in a weight loss shake. It also only has 7 grams of protein which is less than you would need for a healthy complete meal.

The Bad (8)

– Having only 81 calories is great though 8 grams of sugar is on the high end of average You’re averaging around 7-9 grams of carbs per serving which is pretty good.

The Ugly (5)

– There are no special ingredients in this shake and the formulation is pretty basic so your fillers are what you would hope. You’re paying for exactly what you expect..

Taste – 10

With six different flavors and a significant amount of sugar you would think that these shakes would taste better. The peanut butter by far gets our lowest mark. Because of the size of the serving the taste was almost negligible. Try two scoops and you get a little more flavor.

Price Point – 20

Secure is one of the cheapest shakes on the market if not the cheapest. For 30 servings Secure Complete Meal Replacement Shake costs $42.90 that is $1.43 a serving. You can get it for a little cheaper if you get the 60 serving option. Because each serving is under $1.50 it is going to get the best score possible.

Convenience – 4

If you aren’t a big Home Shopping Network kind of shopper there are other websites that offer the opportunity to purchase these shakes including amazon and bay. If you do you research online but like to buy products locally you won’t be able to purchase these shakes at the grocery store or a local convenience store. However they do come in individually packed servings which is great for grabbing one on the go and mixing it at work during your lunch break.

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