Shakeology Review – Great For Exercise

Shakeology Review  
Editor’s Review: 60/100

After a long hiatus we’re back with some more reviews! Holy cow we’ve gotten quite a few emails that we’re getting around to answering. One shake we’re consistently asked to review is Shakeology which is one that wasn’t even on our list to be reviewed as to us it’s more of a protein supplement shake instead of a weight loss shake. We’ll explain more about that in the review.

Appetite Suppressants – 13

Shakeology’s only hunger blocker in the shake is the somewhat low 3 Grams of dietary fiber. While this shake is packed with lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and mixes up thick, it’s not a lasting full. You feel full when you first finish the shake, but because it’s a liquid and because the low fiber, it’s going to move through your body faster than a shake that does contain higher fiber and an actual appetite suppressant. You’ll be hungry sooner.

Proven Results – 10

They have a slew of testimonials to the product, but the problem is that most of these people are on one of Shakeology’s other exercise programs. Shakeology is part of the Beach Body MLM thing and with intense work-outs like those you’re going to lose weight. We’re always for exercising, but we’re supposed to review the weight loss from the shakes here, and they contain no patented hunger blockers that we can talk about. A minor note to athletes here; Shakeology does contain something that might make you test positive for steroids, which is something to keep in mind.

Nutrients – 19

Overall we were quite impressed with Shakeology, but the problem comes from the fillers. Yes many of them do have benefits, but the question is, was your weight loss really struggling solely because of your lack of Kamut Grass in your diet? Let’s break it down.

The Good (9)

– With 20-300% of your vitamins and minerals per serving and 18 grams of protein these shakes are a great way to replace a meal as they provide a lot of nutrients your body needs.

The Bad (8)

– 150 calories and 1 gram of fat is pretty good. 9 grams of sugar is slightly on the high end, but passable. Atkins fans will note the 17 grams of carbs per serving.

The Ugly (2)

– We’ll talk about the price later in the review, but the jest of it is that you’re paying a lot of money for stuff that…isn’t bad, but isn’t required for your body. Antioxidants, Adaptogens, Phytonutrients. All naturally harvest from the rain forests in china or wherever, but in the end, these might provide some benefits, but they are definitely fillers. Expensive ones.

Taste – 8

Alright, Shakeology has “three” flavors. We put three in quotes because technically they only have two. Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry. The other one is a Green shake labeled “Green Berry”. For those of you unfamiliar with what a Green Shake is; that means it has no flavoring whatsoever. Frankly, they taste (and smell) like drinking bog water. Not appetizing in the least. Green Shakes are for your hardcore fitness people that used to drink raw egg slurries in the morning and not bat an eyelash. As for the other flavors…they’re just okay, not that tasty compared to other shakes we’ve tried.

Price Point – 8

$4 per shake. That’s $120 a month for this shake (unless you join the MLM which costs you monthly but you can sell it to your friends and recoup some of the costs) and that’s just way too much. The sellers will tell you it replaces your morning Starbucks run or a fast food meal from Wendy’s so it saves you money. But anyone that’s having a healthy protein/carb breakfast isn’t even spending $4 per meal and that’s the one we usually replace. Frankly $4 is just too much for our budget, even if they DO have the Kamut Grass that my body just needs and doesn’t get from anything else!

Convenience – 2

Yeah, Multi-Level Marketing products aren’t ever going to get high points in convenience from us. Anyone that has participated in an MLM and gotten out of it will tell you…the hassle you’re going to deal with from your up-line and the pressure of creating a down-line is…really not convenient in the least.




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32 Responses to Shakeology Review – Great For Exercise

  1. Kim Moore says:

    Anyone report having extreme headaches from drinking this stuff? I love it and feel great, but my husband is having a terrible time with extreme headaches. We have isolated to the Shakeology Shake because if he doesn’t drink it, he is fine but if he does drink it he gets a terrible headache within 30 minutes and it lasts all day but does diminish at the end of the day. Any others have this issue?

    • Melody says:

      My face broke out, and I got the headaches some of the things cause issues with people but none have been noted and im not sure why – it is just like taking medications sometimes you dont know your allergic untill it is to late……. The headache is a sign that his body is not taking well to it, I got them and then about 10 minutes later I had to sleep or it turned into a mind blowing migrane

  2. LN says:

    Wow. I am trying shakeology and I also have been getting horrid headaches with it. I am thinking it might be because I have a grass allergy. My grass allergy is fairly specific though – blue grass, which is not in the shake. PErhaps I have a mild allergy to another one though. If I was eating freeze dried blue grass juice concentrate I’d proabably be int he hospital.

  3. Steve says:

    This may be the worst tasting shake I’ve ever had, and according to my wife that’s saying something. I’ve used Creatine, Nitrogen, Meal Replacement and so many Proteins like egg, soy and whey. I also use BCAA’s, and even the vegetable replacement powders and nothing has even come close to how poorly this product tastes. The trouble is that there are so many of these independent marketing people getting paid 25 % of the price, which at $ 129 a bag isn’t shabby ($32 commission) so they say how great it is.

    Also, as I found out when I ordered this product, they place you on an “Automatic” replenishment cycle where they just ship and bill you for the products. Not cool! I was very displeased with this practice and have had to call the center which of course is foreign run (so you take a half hour to get this resolved).

    Do your homework folks. Just about every nutritional shake they offer has a less costly and much better tasting alternative. Shakeology is by far the worst tasting product I have had in my 15 years of fitness and nutritional training.

    • David Dow says:

      I know the owner and management. It is not foreign run and the auto ship is an option to lower shipping costs . On the price it is about $4 a shake but this is a meal replacement shake. It is not just a weight loss shake. Try buying a meal at a resturant for $4.

    • Johanna says:

      You have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do not like it then return the shakeology. Also with in the first 30 days you can cancel further shipment.

    • Callie says:

      The key to drinking Shakeology is mixing it with enough liquid. You need at least 12-16 ozs. I mix it with 8 ozs of almond milk, 4 ozs of water and ice.

  4. Andrea says:

    I did get a month supply if strawberry shakeology, for about $120. The treasure isn’t great, its kind of chalky and hard to swallow. Its nice to add in fruits and ice cubes or whatever you want. But he comes my problem with strwawberry shakeology, twice that ive taken it, I’ve had horrible reactions to it. Severe vomiting, and chills, and sweats, just like food poisoning. And it hapoened twice bc I didn’t realize that the first time was bc if the shake. I don’t know what is in the strawberry shake that makes me so sick, but it does. Interestingly enough, their chocolate does not do that to me.

  5. Adrianna says:

    Luckily I ordered just 3 packets off ebay and still paid way too much but I found out how bad this shake tastes. I have tried several protein shakes in my life and have learned to somewhat like the taste of them but this was bitter with the taste of artificial sweetner. My daugher and I tried the strawberry first and after still adding real strawberries we could not get rid of the artifical taste. The next day we tried Greenberry and still had to doctor it up with key lime pie yogurt. Still the after taste was there. We haven’t tried the Chocolate yet. but I am someone who usually does fine with artifical sweetner and it was all I could to do to get the drink down. I did seem to keep me full but I dont think I could drink this once a day for a month let alone twice a day.yuck.

    • Laura says:

      There are no artificial sweeteners in any Shakeology. You had a vegan Strawberry which uses pea protein. It is definitely different. Shakeology now has a non-vegan strawberry that is awesome!

      • Joleen Charles says:

        The Strawberry does have a sugar substitute in it (stevia). I have many friends who can not tolerate any sugar substitutes. Stevia is typically known to be a “natural” plant based sweetener, however not knowing the source or type of processing used in this product it would be a good guess to say some of the headache/symptoms could be from the stevia. I also think that it would be pretty much impossible to determine how any given individuals body will process and respond to such a large variety of natural medicinal components like a combination of Ashwagandha (I have seen this used as a calming/anti anxiety aid) and Ginkgo (Memory). So many ingredients….Hard to say how anybody would be effected. Know what your putting in your body.

  6. mable williams says:

    where is the discount this is too pricy need to go lower in price for a month supply. I would like to order but the price is too high

  7. Joseph Quintana says:

    I am in fact a “coach” in the BeachBody MLM. My review here however is very unbiased. I have been on shakeology for many months now and have really grown to like the product. That being said, I don’t like the Vegan chocolate or tropical strawberry or the new Vanilla shakeology flavors. Even as a “coach” I do find the price a bit high but I honestly feel better since I started it. I so believe that some of the foods put in it are just filler and for that “wow” factor bit I can tell you that everything BeachBody does is for a specific purpose. So every thing found in the shakeology serves a purpose whether it’s for digestion, immunity, energy or just overall health and well being it’s there for a reason. Shakeology by itself will not cause weight loss as many of its competitors claim (shakes by Vi or Veema or gnc lean) it’s meant to be consumed in conjunction with a workout program like the ones offered by BeachBody. That doesn’t mean that you can’t use it without working out. Health benefits alone are enough to drink it on a daily basis. I personally have never experienced any ill side affects from the product but I would tend to think that if someone does it’s not from the product it would probably be an unknown allergy to something in the shakeology. With a that being said, there is no miracle cure to make you healthy and make you lose weight. You need to find what works best for you and your body and use that. If it’s shakeology great if it’s something else then that’s great also. I really don’t care as long as you are doing something positive to make your health better. Good luck!

    • Melissa P. says:

      As a new coach, I truly appreciate this review. It’s open and honest without claiming Shakeology is the be all end of of fitness. Like you, I have had no ill side-effects, but if someone has a rare and unique allergy I can most certainly see a side effect being possible. I have felt far more energized since starting the daily supplement, and I am only using half a serving per the “snack” in T25! There are many nutrients in it that we don’t get from the food we consume (even if we technically COULD get them from food), and I find it a great post-workout shake!

  8. Alison Taber says:

    OMG, I tried the Shakeology chocolate vegan and had a terrible headache about 30 min after I drank it too. Thought it might have been the cause, but figured it was because I didnt drink enough water. Think I’ll skip this one. PLus it was horrible tasting and had to chug it down. I was mostly interested in it becasue people swear by it’s immunity effects and how they never get sick.

  9. Peter Riehlman says:

    Ive been drinking Shakeology every day for breakfast for 3.5 years. I absolutely love the taste and I have more energy, less cravings and I’m much more regular. I’ve tried all and the flavors only one I don’t love is Greenberry. I only like that with a citrus . It has really helped me maintain my weight.

    My recipes are non existent, I just toss in a banana a grapefruit an apple with ice and water or maybe almond milk or sometimes frozen strawberries or blueberries with water.

    I think I’ve missed 2 days in 3.5 years and sometimes I have it as a snack in the afternoon or evening. I love that I can change my flavor every month with a quick phone call..

  10. Brandi says:

    I have been drinking shakeology for a little less than a month. I haven’t had any side affects with the shake. At first I didn’t really like the taste. I have the chocolate kind but all I do is use a little peanut butter to give it a chocolate peanut butter taste. I do have more energy but I’m not sure if its the shake or the fact that I am on a workout program thus having more energy every day. I didn’t start drinking the shake to help lose weight I started drinking the shake to be healthier in my every day life. As of right now I will continue to drink the shake on a daily basis.

  11. chrisi says:

    I’ve been using Shakeology for about 3 months. I like the taste but I started having light-headedness so I have to stop taking it. I actually like it, but I can’t deal with the side effects anymore. I only lost 6 lbs in three months so definitely not the miracle I was hoping for.

  12. Greg Warner says:

    I am a Beachbody Coach too. You couldn’t pay me to drink this stuff if it tasted bad or was gritty! I’ve been drinking this since they brought it on the market 5 years ago next month. So it doesn’t taste bad and it isn’t gritty. It helped me lower my cholesterol by 30 points. I was 50 years old when I started it and still drink it every day. I drink the tropical strawberry now with 10oz. Of water, 2oz of orange juice, a little piece of a banana, 4 ice cubes and mix it in a majic bullet. Healthiest meal of the day. It does keep me full for about 3 hours. As to the headaches, it makes sense that it would be allergies.

  13. JFlowers says:

    I have been drinking ShakeO for 16 days as part of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix. I am learning to love the work outs. I had to learn to enjoy the shakes it took about three days for me to do so. However after enjoying fried potatoes and brownies I am sure it was a transition for my taste buds. I have had no adverse side affects. I was not considered obese size 9/10 at 53 yrs old but have lost a whole size and many inches and an energy that I have not had in the last 5 yrs. The coaches and accountability groups are amazing and very helpful with a world of information and encouragement. As previously mentioned there is no magic pill to health and there are many aspects if your goal is total health as mine was.
    Good Luck in finding what works for you and your health :)
    #ShakeO #21DayFix #BeachBody

  14. Toni says:

    I was a former beach body coach and this is why u don’t buy shakeology! The commission for coaches depends on the rank but not sure why we get charged their commission. I refuse to spend 129.00 monthly! :-/ wish beach body understood why people don’t buy it more often to expensive!!

  15. Toni says:

    Greg it does have a gritty taste! I was a coach! I got it at $90 and let me say I expected more from the vanilla!

  16. Joseph says:

    Bad reviews on products sorta stick out for me. It might be the nature of the Internet. So when I decided to give shakeology a shot, I expected a bad, gritty tasting healthy meal replacement shake. To my surprise, it was neither bad tasting or gritty – not even a little. I’m drinking a vanilla shake, with 1cup milk or water or both. I use a half cup of ice. Occasionally I’ll add berries. I mix it for 30 seconds in a bullet type blender. It tastes great. I feel good for hours after having it. I’d check it out if it makes sense for you.

  17. Alicia says:

    I would live to see more independent comparisons with Usana’s Nutrimeal shakes. I am an associate myself and have not found anything that compares. For $3 per shake, the nutrients and the flavor you can’t compare. Non GMO, gluten-free also manufactured with NO out sourcing so I know where my products are really coming from.

  18. Mollie says:

    I recently became a Beachbody coach and my husband and I drink Shakeology every day. He has lost 15 pounds and I have lost 7 pounds so far. I cannot believe how much this has helped our sweet cravings. They have vanished.
    I also do a 30 minute workout daily and have more energy. Neither one of us have been sick, we both feel great. By the way, he is 77 and I am 73. We are up in age, but feel much younger. We walk & ride bikes frequently. We knew that we were not eating healthy. Shakeology has solved that problem. yes,
    it is a little expensive, but we have found no other protein shake that can match it. And if you work the business properly, Shakeology won’t cost you anything. The business provides that through commissions. I’m excited!!

    • Goldina says:

      I am 46 years old and my husband and I love shakeology! We feel more energetic when we drink this. All these negative people on here have no idea when mixed correctly this is delicious! I strongly feel that this has helped us so far in our healthy journey. It is expensive but if look at it this way, you can’t afford not to be healthy! If you work the business it’s easy to get it at a low cost or for nothing. It still a work in process for me though but I gave good intentions.


  19. While the intent of Shakeology was good, the execution falls a little short. After trying countless other products I’ve stuck with the Nanogreens line. All natural, and not a million different products. The price is amazing for everything that is in it, and a one month supply of the greens is only $49.95! I’ve lost 10lbs, 5″, in a few short months and I have more natural energy now. I would put this lineup against any other, you should too!

  20. Jen says:

    I get headaches from it too. I have had many of the ingredients before with no issue. I looked up all of the ingredients that I haven’t had and Ginkgo seems to be the only one with headaches as a side effect. It can also cause stomach upset, dizziness, constipation or heart palpitations (and I experienced that too a few times. Heart felt like it was beating really fast). I have read numerous people complaining about many of those side effects and I feel strongly that Ginkgo is to blame. I actually love Shakeology and I am really disappointed that I can’t drink it. I hope that Beachbody eliminates Ginkgo as an ingredient eventually since it can cause these issues in some people and it has been shown to not be as beneficial as once thought anyways.

  21. Amy Wiggins says:

    I just ordered this product because I wanted something easy and healthy in the morning to start the day. I’ve had slim fast and Atkins replacement shakes before and like it but thought this had more healthy ingredients in it. Oh Boy, hope I didn’t make a mistake!!

  22. Porsche says:

    I started shakeology when I first signed up for the 21 Day Fix and I really just LOVED the taste and loved the way it made me feel. I had a lot more energy and I was just plain happier. After i ran out of the free trials from when i first signed up i thought okay I will just order some more online but when I seen the price I thought wow! $130 for a shake every morning for a month. That is just crazy. I know that they say that if you replace what we spend on food in the mornings it would be cheaper to get the shakeology but I just do not believe that. I know how much I spend on food and that is just crazy talk. Like I said i love the product but I just cannot afford that price. I am trying another shake called Bikini Ready and i hope that it can replace it but until they come down on the price I will not be using it.

    • Margie says:

      I love it too, but don’t want to pay that much. I had it on auto-refill for a few months… I miss it, I haven’t found another shake I enjoy as much

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