Ultimate – Jillian Michaels Weight Loss

Editor’s Review: 72/100

Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels released her own line of weight loss shakes last year, which is great. It’s not like someone with her unfailing track record in the fitness world would release anything but the best, right? Well…maybe we should just let the review speak for itself.

Appetite Suppressants – 15

Beyond the 7 Grams of fiber, this shake doesn’t contain anything else to block hunger and it shows. About as filling as a Slim Fast shake, it works for some people, but if hunger is a problem you’re having this might not be the best shake for you.

Proven Results – 6

While Jillian herself has an amazing track record of success in front of adoring millions, this shake has only been on the market for less than a year. In fact, the shakes can be found sporadically in the markets, and aren’t even being advertised or sold on her own weight loss website. So, of course, the shake is going to take a few hits in this section.

Nutrients – 17

We were really hoping to be blown away here because Jillian’s reputation holds some weight in the fitness world.

The Good – 6

This shake touts a good amount of protein at 16 grams per serving. However, beyond 25% of your Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin C…the shake does little to supplement replacing an actual meal.

The Bad – 7

Unfortunately this shake is loaded with 19 grams of sugar which is a bit too high for us. 180 Calories per serving, 4 grams of fat isn’t bad. Those of you avoiding carbs will note the 27 grams of carbs in each shake.

The Ugly – 5

While sugar is a bit high on the list the shake does a great job avoiding fillers. With no artificial flavorings, this product is also Soy and Gluten-Free for those of you looking for shakes to help your allergies. They do, however, contain milk.

Taste – 14

These shakes taste delicious. We didn’t give them full points because they lack a little variety, but if chocolate or vanilla is your thing, than look no further on taste. We were very happy with these shakes on flavor.

Price Point – 14

Coming in at an even $2.50 per shake it’s certainly not the worst that we’ve seen, but not the best either. So that puts your investment at about $75 a month if you use it once per day.

Convenience – 4

Finding these shakes on line was a chore, though they can be found at certain nation-wide grocers. They are also only sold in 12-packs and not in protein powders which is something we would like to see.

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  1. Nearly every shake I’ve tried leaves my sinuses bothering me to the point I can’t breathe. I suggested it to another lady and she was the one who made me aware this is hard on sinuses. I would never have made the connection otherwise. What is it that they put in it that plays havoc with sinuses? Couldn’t they leave out that ingredient? I know there must be others who can’t use these products for the same reason.

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