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  1. I have been on the Visalus shakes for approx. 9 weeks now and have lost 32 pounds and 15 inches..I am more than pleased to say the least..I dont use the flavor packets as I flavor them up myself..even add my coffee to my morning one..I dont use any of their other products..I dont feel hungry so i dont need a appetite supressent..Trust me I have zero willpower and this shake is working wonders for me..I am over 50 years old having been overweight most of my adult life and feel good about myself for the first time in a very long time..i love this product..

    1. Rhonda–are you drinking one in the morning and one for lunch? and then having a healthy dinner? just wondering…i’m about to start doing this and hope i have the success you have had…thanks, Melinda

    2. I am also over 50 and was concerned about feeling hungry because I have ZERO will power. I hope I have as much luck as you! I need to loose 50 lbs.

  2. I found your review to be lacking in any true knowledge of the Visalus products. You cannot simply try the shakes in two flavors and say they don’t taste good so don’t but them. This product has helped millions of people lose weight, get healthy, and get off or lower their meds for things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, even diabetes and more. Most people don’t take the Vi-trim appetite suppressor as it isn’t needed. The first few days on any new nutritional change require an adjustment. Typically after a few days, that goes away completely and because your body is receiving the nutrition it needs with the shakes, it will no longer suffer from cravings and you will no longer feel the need to over eat when you have a meal. The reason your body feels hungry the first week is because the Visalus is speeding up your metabolism by up to 25%. This burning your calories and stored fat. That means it is working!!! Adding ice to the shake makes it more filling. The facts are that over 150,000 new people are joining Visalus a month right now. That says more to me than one review by someone who tried the shake twice…and FYI… Most people who do Visalus mix the shakes with fruit or peanut butter. The shake absorbs and magnifies any flavor you put in it. This is athe easiest and most delicious product out there, and unlike you, I have tried them all. And more than twice. Please be careful of putting people off a product that has quite literally saved thousands of people’s lives.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for regurgitating some of the company line back at us, we’ve read it too. However, just for clarity’s sake, we should mention that the “speeding up your metabolism by up to 25%” claim is a complete lie. It is incredibly difficult to change your metabolism by any amount, and the only way to increase it by 25% overnight would be to increase your heart rate by that much (which is incredibly dangerous).

      And we never told anyone not to buy them…I have no clue where you’re getting that from.

      150,000 people are joining Visalus because it’s a good meal replacement shake (and because of pushy sales people like yourself, but I digress). We never said it wasn’t a good product. We just rated it lower than some other shakes based on our criteria.

      Also the whole, absorbs and magnifies flavor, is kinda ridiculous. And so is the claim that you’ve tried every shake on the market. There are literally hundreds of shakes out there and I doubt ANYONE has tried them all. Not even sites dedicated TO trying them can manage to do it.

      This is one of the reasons MLM’s get low convenience ratings. Dealing with people like you, Kelly.

      1. Thanks for your honesty and your review. I was tempted to try the body by v challenge because someone I knew that sold it and was always posting “John Doe” lost 30lbs in 90 days. I thought to myself ….. I wanna lose 30lbs in 90 days!!! after my husband asked me to research the different products and honestly if you are replacing 2 shakes with 2 meals and reducing your calories intake your bound to lose weight regardless of what shake you too. I know some will work better then others.

        I AGREE with you. I don’t want to go threw a sales person to get my shakes nor do I want someone pressing me to try new products. I don’t want 75 phone calls a week asking me to attend a meeting to join NOR do I want pressure in any way. If I want to stop and go on a fat girl bindge and eat 5 pizzas a week, I don’t want to explain my choices to anyone. Not that I’m going to do that but that’s what makes me want to NOT try this product.

        I really do need to lose alot of weight in about 2 months time :-/ although I will try shake replacement, I want to purchase one on my own terms :) thinking of ordering idealshape shake but what is the average weight lost in a 60 days time? I will inculde daily light exercise maybe 45mins of walking.

        1. I will say that a lot of the Body by Vi’s sales persons arent too pushy , but every person is different. I just recently purchased body by Vi on ebay because I want to try it before I commit to it, Just thought I would make you aware of another option so you didnt have to be bothered by the hassel of contacting a sales person :)

      2. I think she got the “don’t buy them” portion from your comment saying “…save your money.” I actually read it the same way as Kelly until I went back up and reread it. You were actually saying to save your money on the flavor packets, not necessarily on the entire shake itself.

        I always enjoy reading review sites even if I disagree with them. I find that some of the review sites are obviously biased against the business model of an MLM company and let that opinion sway their review of the actual product. The business is not for everyone, I’ve told people that, everyone I’m associated with has told me that before I decided to join it.

        I did want to address some of the concerns about the allergens listed on the package. This, as you probably know, has to do with where the product is manufactured. If there is any chance, no matter how miniscule, of cross contamination with some of these common allergens, it is a good business practice and I believe, it is illegal NOT to do so. Audrey Sommerfield, who is on the board of ViSalus has several YouTube videos that explain this a lot better than I can, so I’ll defer to her if you are worried about this warning or at least would like it explained.

        Also better explained by Ms. Sommerfield. I’m more concerned by the recommendation for IdealShape. If you are considering this shake, please read the ingredients list and what their website says about the Isoflavone-rich Soy Protein that they use. Do your research and read about Isoflavones and the dangers inherent in them. If you are going to use Soy Protein, the Isoflavones should be removed for various health concerns. And yes, ViSalus uses Non-GMO Soy Protein with IsoFlavones removed (for the very reason stated above).

        Overall, I love your site and think that you gave a very unbiased opinion on the product itself. That is what people are after. Opinions differ, and I thoroughly enjoy my Vi-Shape shake. I have the Vi-Trim in my cabinet at home…and that is where it has stayed since my 3rd day on the shakes. I found that I just don’t need it. That is my personal experience. I’m only starting my 4th week and am down 14 pounds. I think they taste great, and everyone I have let try them think they taste great. But again, you are entitled to your opinion. Thank you for providing this service to consumers.

        1. If that is where people are getting the inference, we will try to make it more clear that the “save your money” was referring directly to the flavor packets.

          And the many studies we’ve read on isoflavones are obscure and very inconclusive, at best. They show both benefits and negatives and negatives are pretty much in cases of higher-than-average consumption.

      3. I want to t/y in advance for this post. I was going to order some of heir vitamions and change the regimen I am currently taking-multi (over 50) ,Fish oil, vitamin D, Co-Q10, a store brand menopause supplement ( I could net live without! I am not a condidate for hormone supplements due to breast cancer history in my DNA) Calcium. It sounds as though the money for their vitamins may not be a wise purchase if not 100% or your money back. So, back to and cancel. THANK YOU!

          1. I found your reviews very helpful and honest. I also appreciate your responses to the other posts. All of it has been very informative. I am currently waiting on many sample of vi to come in the mail. I have quite a few friends doing amazing on the program, but anytime you restrict calories and carbs there will be weight loss. Also, the support system of my friends helps with the accountability. I’m definitely considering other options, and this site has been helpful with that.

      4. I have three family members who sell ViSalus, and the above rant (Sorry Kelly) clearly comes from someone who pushes this product. If you even QUESTION anything about the product, most sales people will instantly become defensive. Sadly, I have yet to meet anyone who has studied dietetics that sells these shakes. My sister, for example, used to live steadily on McDonalds fish fillets until she suddenly started pushing these things. Now, you can’t get her to STOP spewing off pseudo science about “clean eating” and other tidbits.

        With all of that aside, I have also tried the shakes. My fiance is a chef, and knows a thing or two about food and the nutritional value of it. The smell alone made him sick. The cake batter aroma did little for me either. I can’t imagine that anything with as many additives (to make it so sweet and cake like) would be all that good for you. A personal trainer friend of mine once told me that a good “rule of thumb” about protein powders is that, “REAL ones do NOT smell or taste like sunshine. You have to add some raw honey and fruit to make it drinkable, and it might be a little gritty.” THe other main issue, for me, was the soy. Soy is not something that my body handles well, and it actually caused me to bloat and GAIN weight while drinking the shakes.

      5. Why wasn’t 310 Shake, Yoli Yes or Evolv Shake in any of your top 3. I’ve been reading different shake review sites . . . it’s just that your top 3 is completely different than the top 3 at another site. It looks as though you use a similar system. Nutrients, pros/cons, price, . . .

    2. thats a crock Kelly! with out vi-trim there is no hunger blocked ,the shake is not as great as you say,you must be wanting to get the 600 bucks a month for the black BMWS you are all going to have to pay yourself on your own credit needed to even get the car after people start waking up to this bad bbb rated company owned by blyte .idealshape is the best for reaching weight loss goals if you can exercise everyday or if your disabled in a wheelchair .it stops to hunger and visalus doesn’t come close people loss weight because they arte exerciseing not the shakes or cereal bull…..wakeup i did….

  3. DIfferent products work for different people. What I like, somebody else may not like. I have fun with these shakes. I have energy in the am. and love these cause I am on the go and its out the door .I am sure there are other good products out there, I happen to like this product. Its fun to exchange the shake recipes.

    Right now I am losing more inches than weight. My clothes are fitting differently and also wanted to mention that I have a sensitivity to gluteon and when I am on these shakes I am not so bloaty and do not experience digestive problems as I was having. I have been on many shakes, different diets, and this works for me.

  4. I have been using these shakes for 30 days now and the difference I have noticed is the inches melt away but the pounds just shed slowly like they are suppose to. I love flavoring these shakes on my own the key for me is adding ice to them. We bought a special blender for these and are enjoying every concoction we make with them. I say they are worth it and the sales people I went through are not pushy nor do they call ever. I was a doubter until I just looked back at the photo I took 30 days ago andp compared it to today’s.

  5. We have only tasted the shake and liked it so my husband wanted me to order from someone I know. Had to do an autoship, which I DO NOT like. They encourage you to sign 3 customers up under you to recieve a free month supply, that’s because each person will also have to do an auto ship. I really HATE this aspect of it and will cancel my auto ship ASAP and find another product.

    1. Natasha, you do not have to be on autoship You can order as needed if that is your desire. You need to check with the person you were ordering through and let them help you out. This is the best shake for results I have EVER tried!

  6. My husband just started this shake and already feels an amazing difference in his body. We love that this product is gluton free, kosher, diabetic friendly, heart healthy etc. We were starting to worry about his cholesterol. It puts my mind at ease knowing that this is a safe and healthy way for him to lose weight, because a lot of the other shakes have nutrition but have high cholesterol. He was using Insanity but his knees would hurt so bad he couldn’t sleep. I do feel like this review was a little harsh from what we have experienced. He doesnt use the flavor packets or the app. supressents and he stays full all day ( he didn’t finish his dinner after starting, fyi that doesn’t happen EVER lol). All the different ways you can flavor it is so much fun, our fav is strawberry cheese cake and coffee oh and the butterfinger! Just the base shake taste like cake the powder even smells like it! We are a big fan.

  7. I’ve been on the Body by V shakes for almost 7 weeks, faithfully drinking 2 shakes a day and a reasonable meal and I have lost 0 pounds and 0 inches. Also when I called them they said money- back guarantee was first 30 days. Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. u will loose more weight if u use the unsweeten non fat almond milk and the sugar free jello instant pudding .

    1. No…no it does not. There has not been a single study that links Sucralose to negative effects on the body even when tested at very high levels of consumption.

  8. I have been on the Visalus shakes now for about 3 weeks and haven’t noticed any change in inches or weight. :/ I’ve heard and seen so many other people that have lost about 15lbs by this time…..what’s going on?? :/

  9. I hope this helps people because I normally don’t write or blog. I did do the Visalus shake diet. Here are the facts. I needed to lose a lot of weight, I weighed 290 on February 15th of this year. I ran into the Visalus promoter at a street fair. I looked it over, found it simple and bought the basic Weight management monthly package that did include the flavor packets. I started on February 23rd. Here is what I did, (I agree most of the flavor packets, aren’t so hot.) I did my two shakes a day and added a 1/2 cup of fruit to each shake, (Strawberries, or blueberries, or mixed fruit, or bananas.) I took a Centrum Silver vitimin, and every evening I had a nicely portioned dinner with extra veggies. I walked 45 minutes a day every other day, again every other day! Rain or shine! I even had a glass of wine once in a while! 90 days later I had lost 55 pounds. I am a 56 year old male. My blood pressure dropped 30 points, and my cholesterol is back in the normal range. I feel great. And as for the promotoer, I never, repeat, never had him ask me to buy anything other than the Weight managment shakes and I have never felt pressured to buy anything extra. I am still on the program and have lost another 10 pounds since, only 10 more to go and I will start maintenance, which for me is the same program but adding a small breakfast and doing the shake for lunch. I hope this helps.

    1. I am always hungry and need snacks. I have used the vi shakes before and am thinking of trying again. Do you ever incorporate veggies or fruits as snacks during the day?

      1. Yes Sir, I always incorporate fruits & veggies as snack options. Remember, this is not a diet, but actually a lifestyle change. You should be replacing 2 meals (breakfast & lunch/dinner) with your shakes and healthy snacks in between. Placing 2-3 hr intervals from each. (regulate your metabolism) *Stay healthy.

  10. My grandmother, mom, stepdad, both my brothers, sister and I all do the shakes for different reasons. The majority of us use it to lose weight, while my siblings and I use it to just get added nutrition in our diets. I have hoshimotos disease and while using these I feel like my body is actually working again. My parents and Grandma all have lost weight with these and they look alot healthier. Visalus also makes cookies that have peanutbutter in them and there is soy so yes, you should be careful if you are allergic to either.

    No one product works for everyone. I noticed that you reported on the allergen warning. My mom and I have nut allergies and neither of us has had a reaction

  11. Dingbat assessor or assessement (and I dont use the stuff) I just tried one packet this AM for the first time so i wanted to read your assessment….you should read the label – RE: Allergan warning: it says manufactured “on equipement used to manufacture” products containing multiple allergens…
    Who cares how you get it – MLM or otherwise. Personal choice…..

  12. I have to say this product is really working for me I was in about four months using the product body by V-shake recommended by friend, I had to quit because of financial problems but I have to say honestly to all of you and then make it is about the shake is working absolutely fine I lost 12 pounds in three weeks. What I did was eat one meal in the afternoon which was lunch drink the shake in the morning drink a shake at 4 o’clock in the afternoon have a snack before bed, I was losing the way on I did was eat one healthy meal and one healthy snack and lots of water believe me it works. To all you did not know I’m not selling the product I only purchased the product one time and it worked I recommend it to anyone. It was recommended to me by a friend I didn’t have to pay her she didn’t eat anything from me I paid for it myself and I lost weight I will keep using the product and I will post pictures.

  13. I really can’t believe that this magic shake really got people working out, especially the no will power people. If most people just lived like I do ” body by me” eat less work out more , you would actually get the same results, and not be spending money on shakes. BUY FOOD!! and quit playing video games, or chatting on the computer!

    1. We tried your method and unfortunately it didn’t work for us. The protein, vitamins, etc was the combo that got the weight off with the ViShake. We feel better than ever and we are sold on the ViSalus products, now. Glad your program works and gald our program works :)

  14. I have ordered the 2 shake a day meal plan, and have spent a good part of the day looking at different sites about it. (Yeah, a little backwards) I am really hoping it helps me out. I am 204 lbs and 5′ 3″, so I need to loose around 70lbs. I also am border diabetic and my cholesterol is a complete mess.

    After reading through several sites, there seems to mixed feelings, but it looks like to me there are more positive than negative especially with the older crowd, which is good for me because I am 47.

    So wish me luck, and I will let you know in 30 days how it is working for me.

  15. I workout every other day and seems like I get hungry more often. I’m always on the go so I just ordered my shakes and I want to try this for the nutrients, hunger control, and to lose about 30 lbs. I’m not one to believe of any “miracle” diet, but I don’t mind replacing a meal or two a day to accomplish my goal and of course, to get the necessary nutrients for the day. I won’t have any problem telling the truth about this product after I try it for a month. I will continue to order if it’s working, so we shall see…
    BTW, I didn’t have to autoship my order so if that’s an issue and preventing you from ordering this product, that is not the case. You can order as needed.

  16. A friend gave me a bag of Vi-Shape a little over a week ago. I am having a shake for lunch and supper and a light, healthy meal for lunch (even did Sonny’s one day). Just in a little over a week I am down 6 lbs and my belt notch has tightened 2 extra holes. I always add frozen fruit to mine. Have tried, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and the best is dark cherries. I need to take off at least 20 lbs in a short length of time and so far, so good! I’m not giving up yet.

  17. I admit I haven’t done a lot of research on replacement shakes, but like someone else said if you limit yourself to two shakes a day and one healthy meal, you would probably lose weight. I have two questions:

    What are you going to do to keep the weight off afterwards or are you going to eat like this the rest of your lives?

    If you want to drink a replacement shake why can’t you just use fruit, lowfat yogurt or milk and a scoop of protein powder. Easier and less costly.

    1. I have tried many many diets over my life nothing has help me like this shake, with this shake I am not hungry in between meals and it has given me more energy than anything the doctors have given me. I have been overweight all of my life, normally when I get home I am so tired I can’t seem to do anything since drinking these shakes I look for things to do after work because I don’t want to go home and sit. I understand your post “to each is own” but it has done wonders for me.

  18. …….I have been on the shakes 6days….i drink my shakes morning and luncse had this problem?h…my question is? around 5pm i have alot of gas since using the shakes….the gas is so bad i wouldnt leave my house…..has anyone else had this problem? mary

  19. After reading through many of the comments here, I see that almost all of the individuals who were satified with their results were those who increased their exercise level. When anyone cuts the calories in and increase the calories burned by exercise, you will lose weight and inches. Granted we in America need to take action and take our health issues of obesity and the diseases that they cause.. One must look for the method that works best for them. whether it be “just shakes” or MRS. However, a lifestyle change is
    imperative if you are to maintain the healthy weight. It has been said that 6 small meal/day, balanced with carbs, protiens and fats along with at least 64 oz of water/day is the healthy way to eat.
    We are working with a 10,000 year old body model..when we were hunters and gathers. When we found food we ate all we could consume, stored it as fat for survival. It many times would be many days before the next full meal. There was much walking, running and climbing to facilitate this activity. Fast forward to today..we drive to every thing. we push buttons to do housework.. we walk into an elevator to raise us up 1-2 flights of stairs! and the list goes on and on.. to top this off the school system has almost completely done away with Physical education. With the terrible lunches provided by the school cafeterias and no exercise, our children are getting heavier by the day. for the first time in our lifetime, the children born today will not outlive their parents! What a disaster for our civilization.. all because we have become a lazy, all for me society.NM

  20. Have a friend in this MLM and he was nice enough to give me a couple of samples. He has lost over 30 pounds so of course I was interested since I knew him Before and was really surprised at the After. I had to tell him after my taste test with my wife and daughter trying that even after adding bananas that they Vanilla flavor was not very good and had an overly sweet and gritty taste. It surprised me since I used my Ninja Blender and added ice to make it more palatable. The reality is that even if it tasted great, I still could not justify the inflated price tag when I can get just as good or even better for 1/2 the price. The business model of MLM’s is have a good product that serves a need, charge 25-50% more than the market charges for it but entice everyone with the big payouts and or the idea that you can get the product for free if you sign up enough people in your downline. Greed does motivate many people to join these types of businesses but it still does not change the fact that no matter how much better they believe(or are brainwashed to believe) their product is not THAT much better to justify the inflated price and cult of MLM’s you have to join. It is not like a car where you are comparing a Volkswagen with a Rolls Royce where there is a clear and obvious difference. BTW-I was a former Network Marketer of Amway, and Sunrider Foods so it is not something I am unfamiliar with. If this is a business you love and are having great success with, then good for you but to me in this economy-It is still about how much it costs-otherwise Costco and competitors would not be doing so well. I am just saying…

  21. I used the Body by Vi shakes about 2 years ago and had great results with my weight loss. To maintain the weight loss, you just replace 1 meal a day. But that doesn’t work unless you actually do it which I didn’t do and have gained back some weight. I have tried several different kinds of shakes and have not had the same results. For me meal replacement shakes work
    because of my busy lifestyle. I just bought the basic shake and added my own fruits, vegs etc., to it. I replaced 2 meals a day with a shake and walked 20 mins a day. The first week was hard but after that it really did help with my hunger. For the people that didn’t lose anything it also takes will power, adding a little exercise and sticking with any program! I lost inches rather than pounds at first. I buy it on Amazon.

  22. I’m 74, and Visalus has changed my life. I’ve lost 50 lbs, gained energy and muscle and feel great. Two years ago, I couldn’t get up off the floor unless I crawled to a couch or chair. Now I am active, able to exercise regularly, and do things I haven’t done for MANY years.
    I have Vi-Crunch protein cereal in the morning, a shake once a day, two or three healthy snacks, and a well-balanced meal once a day. I also take the Visalus supplements and vitamins. My memory seems to be getting better… a benefit I didn’t expect.
    I appreciate being a part of a community which promotes health, as well as giving back to our communities.
    You may not like multi-level businesses, where the profits are shared among promoters, instead of for advertising, stores, etc.
    Not driven solely by profits, Visalus uses top of the line ingredients.
    Our results are honest, testimonies are by real people, not by a paid celebrity. We believe in our products so much, there is a 90 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your results.
    Of course, you do not measure these things in evaluating the shakes.

  23. My friends daughter has given me about half a bag of Vi-Shape . I have a thyroid problem and i can not loose weight its very frustrating for me so i am looking forward to using this product and letting u all know what it does for me and if it helps me i will be staying on it .

    1. I’m curious to find out how the shakes are working for you sInce you said you had a Thyroid problem. I also have one

      1. My friend Lucy suffered for years with her weight. Later realizing that it was her thyroid.(cancer) She was later treated for it and thank God she’s o.k. She started on the Visalus product and has so far lost 20 lbs. Her energy level has gotten much better as well. As for me, it has helped with my PMDD symptoms & arthritis pain.

        The fact sheet:

  24. I have been on the Body by Vi Challenge for 45 days and have lost 17 lbs. I was impressed with the straighforward facts provided on the Visalus website, especially the comparison to other options. I love the shakes because I add fruit and other ingredients to provide variety. I also noticed one comment about ebay. I would be careful as that does not come directly from Visalus, but rather from individuals who are reselling product that has been shipped to them. I’m not going to consume a product that has been outside the company’s supply chain.

  25. I tried the shake twice and came down with diarrhea both times. It could be because of the wheat that I didn’t know was there!

  26. I have the 2 shakes a day then small dinner. Throughout my day I snack on apples celery berries lots of water is that ok to be eating those fruits/vegies ? Im really wanting to loose weight so wasn’t sure if I should be snacking on those kinds of snacks??

  27. I’ve used this as a “snack replacement” instead of snacking on unhealthy foods… I’ve gone from a 14 to a 9. I use the banana and strawberry flavor packets. Didn’t care for the chocolate flavor. It worked for me since I am a big time snacker. I ate healthy breakfasts and salads got lunch. If I was not able to get a healthy breakfast then I had a shake. It works if you replace an unhealthy snack with a shake.

  28. Using any weight loss product is much more successful when used with tracking metrics. I’ve lost 25 pounds using Visalus products along with a Fitbit and myfitnesspal app on a Smartphone. They sync nicely with each other so calories in and out can be tracked to keep you honest. Everything in moderation. Nothing wrong with making a business out if getting healthy. Make it a great life!!!

  29. I used for two months. Didn’t lose weight or inches but felt great. Ihave a jhook
    Colon (toxic mega colon). I’m back on it and within 3 days I have more energy and my prurigo nodules is clearing up. I need all those vitamins. I also am back on Gluten free. LOVE the flavors I can make up that are sugar free (like dark unsweeten powdered chocolate, add ice) great nightime meal replacement
    Another bonus, I sleep better.

  30. I totally disagree with the comment’s I have been on Visalus about 2 months and have lost 18 lbs..I was drinking a smoothie anyway for breakfast so I just add 2 scoops of the shake mix in with it I eat lunch and then do another shake at night to keep from laying down on a full stomach which was part of my problem I use to eat a Reese cup everyday and 4 sodas now I don’t do neither nor do I crave them I have even stop eating pork and beef

  31. My wife brought the product and never used it so I have nothing to lose but weight. I am guilty of not having a lot of taste buds so the taste doesn’t mean anything to me. I walk a lot, drink loads of water but I snack, I mean really snack, so if this can replace the snacks I will do outstanding.

  32. My friend gave me to bags if vi shape and I have to say very happy with the results. I am in my late 50’s and after 7 weeks I have lost 18 pounds and no cravings for carbs! I flavor them with frozen fruit or Nutella and instant coffee and ice….very tasty! I do exercise and drink 60-80 ounces of water a day as well! I recommend this product.

  33. I consider myself an educated and open minded person. I don’t agree with others for the sake of fitting in and like to make my own own decisions based on my own experience. With that being said, I stumbled upon the Visalus shake product when looking for a protein shake to support my new exercise program. My pallet is quite picky (it even bothers me) so this wasn’t an easy task. I was overjoyed at the versatility of different favors I could whip up with the Vi protein powder whether sweet or savory. The best benefit was no gritty texture! Several others I tried were difficult to blend or wouldn’t completely blend and were gritty. The plant based powders often taste like dirt. No thanks! In 60 days I’ve lost 20 lbs. and 9″, feel great and am building muscle and stamina with each workout. Again, everyone, has their individual tastes and opinions and should be able to express them without attacking the manufacturer or how the product is sold, MLM or retail (Corp. MLM).

  34. After slowly but steadily losing weight for 2 years, my niece talked me into trying Vi shakes “to be healthy”. She was concerned for my health because I had just had surgery for cancer. I did try for 3 months, I became instantly constipated, bloated and gained 16 lbs. I talked to my Oncologist who told me to stop immediately as, the type of cancer I had fed off of soy! All products are not for all people! Eating less than 1200 calories a day will aid anyone trying to lose weight as does moving, not sitting continually. There is nothing that is good for everyone!

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